Weekend Question Thread: Security Blanket Edition

Did you have a favorite stuffed animal or toy when you were little?

I had this pink stuffed hippo I dragged around with me until it had no feet, no ears, no eyes and was devoid of most of its fur. Somewhere in my mother’s house the filthy, disreputable thing still lurks. I kind of want to kidnap it and fix it up.


16 thoughts on “Weekend Question Thread: Security Blanket Edition

  1. I still have my Curious George that came home from the hospital with me in 1973. His ears are worn off and he’s on his umpteenth mouth (Mom would easily repair that with a single line of red sewing thread). At some point, the crotch stitching tore out so badly that Mom fashioned a pair of jeans for George out of a scrap of denim that came from an old pair of my uncle’s jeans. This George also has no shirt, so he’s had thisStanley Kowalski thing happening for decades.

  2. I had a lot of stuffed animals. One of my favorites was a huge blue snake, it was bigger than me, and I’d sleep with it at night. Very Freudian, in retrospect. I called it Snakey. Not a very creative child, I’m afraid.

  3. Winnie the Pooh. Yeah, pretty obvious. Also a blanket I called blankey. Again, pretty obvious. LOL.
    Though there was this elephant. You’d have to ask my mom. Wait, am I saying this on the internet? 😛

  4. When I was very, very little, I had a small pink blanket that my family called, for some reason, Pink Blanket. (It was only when I was a teenager I found my mother had had a miscarriage the year before I was born… and only as an adult did I realize that a pink blanket was probably a gift for the girl baby who wasn’t born.)
    By the time I was a toddler it was a Teddy bear, but I only slept with it and didn’t drag it around the house.

  5. When I was 3 or 4 I had a doll named Louie. I dragged her around by the hair and the only thing she could wear was a black sock of my dad’s. (My aunt knitted all kinds of beautiful dresses for her but the only thing I allowed her to wear was a black sock -it looked like a strapless dress!) Somehow, she got lost and there was never any replacement for her.

  6. When I was just about four, my newborn baby brother was given a stuffed Polar Bear that I somehow acquired and he became mine. He is named Winston, which is utterly typical of my Father’s sense of humour (Churchill Manitoba, of course, has the largest Polar Bear population in the world).
    Winston and I were constant companions, and he was my imaginary friend as much as anything else. We had incredible adventures out on the tundra and pack ice, and I still have one or two of the diagrams I drew of our Subterranean Arctic Fortresses (complete with all the amenities, right down to a swimming pool stocked with seals for Winston’s delectation).
    I still have Winston. He was missing for several years, but my Mother found him and now he sits safe and sound in the sock drawer of my dresser. Every now and then we sit down and reminisce, especially in wintertime.
    I had (and still have) other stuffed animals, most recently Thelonious Mink, a weasel plush, and Quackenbush, a Triceratops… but Winston is and was always the most important one. He has personality and a history most stuffies cannot match, no matter how cute.
    In fact, I think it’s time I got him out and we had another long talk.

  7. My stuffed oliphant named Jerry still sometimes sleeps with me. His best friend is a cloth diaper (a white rag really) named for some reason, Cappy. Cappy and Jerry are a team
    One of the most horrifying things I ever heard was my fiancee’s abusive mother that literally STOLE AND DESTROYED HER BELOVED TEDDY BEAR! I mean who does that? That goes beyond simply being awful and really closed to cartoonish villainy.

  8. my cousin dan had a rabbit named bunbun, but i guess i had a small giraffe, which i still have, but i up graded to kittens/cats. i love to find sad sad stuffed animals at estate sales + i save them.

  9. Had a Teddy Bear. Still sits on my shelf although I’ve shifted more to live animals.

  10. My security blanket was an actual blanket – a small handmade quilt that had cowboys and lassos on it, red and white mostly. I called it my ‘cowboy cover’.
    There was a stuffed puppy doll my older brother had which I coveted, called “poopy puppy”. The think was falling apart almost, so mom kept it on an upper shelf.

  11. I still have (wellin storage for now) my chartreuse teddy bear that was about as big as I was when I was four y.o., that my grandparents gave to me when I was 6 mos old. and mom and I had flown to Madrid where my g’father was working. When I was four, Teddy Oso was in my un-seat belted lap as we were struck head on by a station wagon (we were in an early model Mustang). The only reason I survived was that Teddy Oso was my de-facto airbag, as had I connected w/the dash…my address would now be headstone city. I also had a pillow case my mom made me u til it plum wore out. A stuffed toy lion that by some beautiful twist I named “Christian” LOL. And my other g’mother gave me a stuffed bird that I cryptically named “Duck-Swan”.
    Bit of trivia: when you push on Teddy Oso’s bum, he squawks out a squeaky fart noise! Explains a lot about me… LOL

  12. I didn’t have a constant-companion sort of stuffed animal, but I had a receiving blanket that I called my “sucky-thumb blanket.” I sucked my thumb to get to sleep until an embarrassingly late age, which I am not going to reveal here. 🙂
    I still have this red and white striped (in rings) six-foot-long stuffed snake named Fang that my mom got my dad as a joke gift when he was in university. (The blankets in the residences had red and white stripes on them, so he’d be camouflaged.) Somehow I managed to take Fang over, and he lives with me now. I also have a small stuffed seal (named Nanook) made of real sealskin/fur (!!) that my dad brought for me from somewhere in the far north (Yellowknife, maybe?) when he was still in the RCAF.

  13. i had “pillow.” we were inseparable. it was a stuffed, well, pillow. but it was Special and i loved it very much.

  14. I still have my stuffed floppy black dog, whose name is Black Doggy. He was a baby shower present. We’re nearly 53!

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