The Komen Crack-Up

Watching this ongoing pig fuck would be amusing if it wasn’t so predictable and sad.

Look, once and for all, let’s settle what happens when you get in bed with factually challenged wingnut lunatics. This happens. I have seldom seen a clusterfuck play out this quickly or intensely, and I watch this kind of stuff like it’s my job.

The apperance of political neutrality is utterly critical for a charity like Komen. Conservative women get breast cancer. Liberal women get breast cancer. Politically ignorant as hell women get breast cancer. From a fundraising perspective, if not from a human-decency perspective, you don’t want to only fish in half the lake. You want to throw your net over the whole damn thing, and taking sides in the abortion debate isn’t just not doing that, it’s setting the net on fire and shooting a hole in your boat.

(And can we just talk for one minute about the entirety of women’s health being defined as their boobs and their babies, wanted and otherwise? I admit to some privilege here, as I’m not at high risk for breast cancer. The things that do risk my health — heart disease, brain tumors, lung ailments of various kinds — aren’t nearly as fun to talk about on the evening news, because you can’t say the word “breast” in relation to them. Not without sound like some kind of masturbating pervert, anyway.)

I am tired of organizations that could be doing enormous good in the lives of others choosing instead to cave to fear and shame, either out of genuine ideological agreement or simple cowardice in the face of ten angry letters from assholes who have no idea what they’re talking about. Look at the cost, people. Just look. I’m a dumb girl who went to state school and I could have told you how this was going to go. Anybody functionally awake in the world in the past 15 years could tell how you this was going to go. LISTEN.


6 thoughts on “The Komen Crack-Up

  1. If you peel back the skin of that particular rotten onion, you find that Komen has always basically been wingnuts all the way down. Their new Senior VP is a forced-birther, of the school who probably believes that both abortionand birth control cause breast cancer. (They don’t, but when did that ever stop wingnuts from lying about it.)
    My mother is in treatment for breast cancer. Fortunately, up here in Soviet Canuckistan, we have single-payer healthcare, so pretty well all the services she’s received have been paid for by the taxpayers, and not by donations coming from Komen. I’m still never going to look at that pink gold breast cancer ribbon pendant my dad had made for my mother (independently of SGK; I wonder if they’ll sue him) quite the same way again.

  2. SGK has pretty much pissed in their Post Toasties as far as I’m concerned. It’s easier to just give money straight to PP anyway.
    If their original statement about not making decisions based on political pressure was true, then why change the decision based on political pressure? They were either lying or stupid.

  3. I’m still missing it (in the sense that it defies any sense of reason).
    Even if the Komen is wingnut utopia, if they are for a decrease in breast cancer, what could even the most wingnut of the wingnut say against regular medical screening (including palpation and regular diagnostic procedures). The most I can see is them entering the fray on how often one should have a mammogram – and even there the argument is on frequency and not whether one should have regular screenings or not.
    I certainly don’t see where they can back pedal out of this one.
    Of course, my mother and a cousin both died from Breast Cancer (and my mother was a nurse practitioner, so she had an extremely good medical knowledge).

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