Odds & Sods: Sweater Vest Sweep Edition

The-who odds--sods

Sweater Vest Sweep: Former Senator Man Dog Sex kicked some ass Tuesday. He didn’t win a lot of delegates because of the goofy way the GOP allots them but Mitt has got Santorum sized shoe prints on his forehead.

I don’t think it’s that ex-Senator Sweater Vest is suddenly popular, it’s that nobody likes Mitt and the more they see the less they like him. Hell, he lost 2 states that he won in 2008 and Colorado has a substantial LDS population. Plus, he had Tpaw’s support and finished third in Minnesota, which is not something that should happen to an “inevitable nominee” at this stage of the campaign. Time for Mitt to open his wallet again and rain money on some state so he can win one.

Finally, whassup with sweater vests? I’ve never worn one and never wanted to. A sweater vest coulda made Steve McQueen look dorky and Rick Santorum is no Steve McQueen. Hell, he’s barely even J Danforth Quayle…

Fuck yeah, 9th Circuit: They threw out California’s loathsome Prop-8 on narrow grounds BUT with language that could lead to gay marriage bans being, uh, banned. The opinion was aimed smack dab at Justice Anthony Kennedy who wrote the last big gay rights case to come before the Supremes:Lawrence v. Texas.He’s been trending to the right the last few years but this case could have him list leftward if, that is, the Supremes grant cert. For a more informed view, readDahlia Lithwick at Slate.

Occupy PAN: Finally, a bit of NOLA Carnival chatter. Thesatirical bad asses of Carnival, Krewe du Vieux, rolled last weekend. But my sub-krewe, PAN, did not parade for reasons too lengthy and absurd to go into in any detail. It boiled down to most of us wishing to elect new leadership and the current leader’s refusal to call a vote, which led to our suspension. Dissident PAN members decided to set up camp on the parade route and wear costumes from past parades. Our theme was Occupy PAN. Some pictures can be seen at my facebook page but here’s one of our postery, buttony things:


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