NOLA Notes: Ash Wednesday Edition

I’m not Catholic, or much of anything, so I don’t observe Lent. I am, however, exhausted from a week of more or less non-stop Carnival revelry. You’ve probably noticed that I’ve been MIA from First Draft. Here’s why: Dr. A and I live near the start of the parade route so our days have been devoted to entertaining, dodging traffic and devising ingenious ways to get home after work from the Quarter.

Today it’s over and as always I’m relieved. Below is a picture of my friend Craig Giesecke (on the left) and some random dude we met on St. Charles Avenue yesterday. I’m usually a shitty photographer but I took this snap with Craig’s camera and it turned out pretty darn well:


3 thoughts on “NOLA Notes: Ash Wednesday Edition

  1. Hope y’all had a fun if exhausting season. I made it down yesterday for Zulu then took a lunch break in the Quarter before catching the end of Rex.
    Would have called but figured you’d be busy, exhausted, or both.
    Anyway, cheers.
    But, and yeah, broken record here, I’d sure travel to the city far more often if I could take a train instead of having to drive. Grrr.

  2. How this atheist knows it’s Lent: McDonald’s starts offering $1.49 Filet O’Fish sandwiches on Fridays.

  3. All Hail the King of Coleslaw!!! 🙂
    And Adrastos – please share my EXTREMELY ardent thanks w/the fabu Dr. A for y’all’s wonderful hospitality!!! I had a blast! If you find my two Joan Jett picks (one says “joan jett” and the other “joan jett and the blackhearts”) just set ’em aside in an envelope for me. I’ll be by sooner than 9 months. 🙂
    If you need cookies for something, give me a couple week advance so that I have time to shop, design, make and ship. 😉 I’d be glad to do it. Maybe for the new opening? 😉

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