How It’s Done

In case anyone still cares, this is how youcall someone a liar without calling him a liar:

“Senator, you know, wait a minute,” Gregory interrupted. “You talk about this stuff every week. And by the way, it’s not just in this campaign. Sir in this campaign, you talk about it, and I’ve gone back years when you’ve been in public life and you have made this a centerpiece of your public life. So the notion that these are not deeply held views worthy of question and scrutiny – it’s not just about the press.”

“Yeah, they are deeply held views, but they’re not what I dominantly talk about, David. You’re taking things that over a course of a 20-year career, and pulling out quotes from different speeches on issues that are fairly tangential, not what people care about mostly in America, and saying, ‘Oh, he wants to impose those values.’ Look at my record. I never wanted to impose any of the things that you just talked about.”

“There is no evidence at all that I want to impose those values on anybody else,” he added.

Last month, Santorum told CNN host Piers Morgan that he would as president outlaw gay marriage.



6 thoughts on “How It’s Done

  1. I find it ironic and sad that Republicans are cheering Santorum on for wanting to be exactly the kind of Catholic president they tried to imply JFK would be.

  2. JFK is some kind of screaming hippie to these freakjobs, man. The whole thing’s turned around.

  3. The older I get, the less virtue I see in calling someone a liar while not calling him a liar. If the standard for a 23-year-old journalist is that she “knew or should have known” that what she published was false and defamatory, then that’s a more than adequate standard for someone more than twice her age seeking the highest office in the land.
    And if calling a liar makes you uncomfortable, you can fall back to, “I’m sorry, but that’s bullshit.” It makes the same point without getting into the question of whether the politician was malicious or just negligent. If you’re worried about The Children, then “Meet the Press” can just use the same bleeping method [pun intended] that “The Daily Show” does.

  4. Not only is the man a colossal dick (see, Pierce, Charles) but he’s an unmitigated liar. Screw him, screw the Mittbot and screw the Republican Party. These people make me sick…and they are not going to get any better. Do NOT vote Republican under any circumstances, please.

  5. Look he’s a politician. Lying to them is like breathing is to the rest of us. They do it reflexively,without thinking.
    And of course, Rick is doing God’s work, ’cause God told him to be Prez. So that makes it OK to lie as well, right? After all, it’s been OK in the past to steal, maim, torture, and kill while doing God’s work, right?

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