The Dispensing of “Limited Government”


Shorter Brion McClanahan (Warning, Daily Caller link):

You can exchange your clean urine for Victory Cheese as soon as we remove the transvaginal probe…you slut.

In a comment a week or so ago, I said you can have a government that does things for you, or a government that does things TO you. I think we know where Brion stands.

That said, maybe the surest way to not go down that path is…tell Brion to work out somereal numbers and put forth an actual plan. I bet he’s far too lazy.

7 thoughts on “The Dispensing of “Limited Government”

  1. It’s not about saving money. It’s about vicarious punishment. Judging by what I overhear from co-workers and relatives, it is popular.
    That said, mental health screenings, according to a study I read, are a lot more effective in helping aid recipients. I’ll bet cheaper, too.

  2. I won’t cry over Brightfart…but if he’s buried in the L.A. Metro area…I may be persuaded to drink a considerable amount of water so that I may dutifully piss on his grave. Lousy jackhole. And I am not at all sad/sorry he’s dead.

  3. I’m sorry for Breitbart’s kids. For all the dead-enders proclaiming that Obama had him whacked? Not so much.

  4. Re McClanahan: I wonder why his type always come off like rich fratboy assholes (guess that’s what they are).
    I think something like the movie “Trading Places” is what’s needed for someone like him. Let that asswipe try living on the streets for a while.

  5. Ah, the logic of Dharma-style food stamp reform means providing staples on a more cost effective basis as the govt can to (I can see some logic here though I see problems as different ethnic groups have different dietary staples). But it would also mean a new agency of govt, meaning bigger govt (which I thought the conservatives were against).

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