There are No Voting Problems, Everything’s Fine!

My old hometown paper, opining that it’s totally okay to take away people’s rights if it doesn’t seem like a major inconvenience or anything:

According to clerks, there were more problems with redistricting, which changed the voting place for many voters. They were sent to their new polling spots — which should last them for another decade until the next census.

But the quiet first test of voter ID here hasn’t quelled the opposition to it — the lawsuit to overturn it continues and there is a Milwaukee rally this weekend with the title: “Own Your Vote.” In testimony for a temporary injunction last week, a University of Wisconsin political scientist testified the voter ID law could block as many as 220,000 potential voters from casting ballots in the coming spring elections.

Like other dire warnings over past hot-button issues in the state — concealed carry, for instance — we don’t see that happening. It may take a little getting used to, but those who want to vote will be able to and those who shouldn’t, won’t.

This is my other least favorite journalism thing: I personally did not see anyone inconvenienced so it is all okay. Violations of voting rights are not a problem only if there are riots at the polls. You don’t know, for example, how many people stayed home for fear of not being allowed to vote, or how many people figured eh, if they really don’t want my vote then fuck ’em (or how many people are so depressed about the Assclown PIcnic that is our politics these days that they just would rather watch MASH re-runs).

News media shouldn’t be a monolith, but there are a few things everybody operating by the grace of freedom should be able together on, and one of them is that making it harder for people to vote in order to solve a problem that doesn’t exist is not only stupid, it’s dangerous. So there weren’t riots at the polling places. Doesn’t make it right.


7 thoughts on “There are No Voting Problems, Everything’s Fine!

  1. If they’re going to pay the “nothing to see here” game, maybe they should change the name of their paper to the “Volkischer Beobachter”…

  2. Here in MO, there was an attempt to put in a requirement for a photo ID. Even though the law isn’t in effect, the poll workers still ask for a photo ID. I’ve had to point out to some poll workers the official sign at the polls listing what is valid ID.
    Of course, the repub side still keeps trying to enact a voter suppression law.

  3. Turnout was actually pretty good at the polling place I was working in Feb… and we probably saw 1/7th or so as many voters as we will see in Nov (or for a recall).
    So saying everything went fine in Feb, so there’s nothing to worry about going forward is just idiotic.
    (And we had at least one voter turned away who would have been able to vote had the “Voter ID law’ not been in place; she was not able to same-day register because she didn’t have any paperwork to prove residence; in the past, her roommate – who was with her – could have vouched for her resident status, but the new law no longer allows that.)

  4. I’m so glad I wasn’t drinking anything when I saw “Scott Walker’s Horcruxes” in the tags.

  5. Also, how many people get disenfranchisedon the sly? Are they keeping track of all the provisional ballots that don’t get counted? (And do they care about caging & other tactics that frustrate voters?) There’s lots of ways to suppress the vote.

  6. And those who shouldn’t (vote), won’t?
    Is that a Freudian slip or what?

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