4 thoughts on “Shorter Federal Court: MOST OF YOUR BASE, SCOTT WALKER

  1. Hey, Scott, wow, that was a MASSIVE dopeslap. MASSIVE. Do your ears hurt? Are they ringing? Bleeding, even?
    Good, you lying son of a bitch.

  2. Big news and good news! Now to finish Walker’s career and restore balance in worker’s rights. Wish I could vote with you guys this fall!

  3. NPR had an in depth story this AM about the finances of politics. Little facts such as Congress critters spend several hours of each day in making fund raising calls and popping into fund raising breakfasts and diners. The relative value one derives in money one can raise based on the committe they are on and especially if they are chairman of the committee. Interestingly enough, only people that they could interview were the dems as the repubs refused to be interviewed.
    One thing I found quite a good picture is that the Payday Loan business is a very active source of money and therefore direct access to legislators. But, NPR asked, when does the person who takes out a Payday Loan get to tell the legislator about their concerns?
    Of course, Citizens United has taken this and put it on heavy steroids.

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