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  1. My initial reaction was that coincidence was pretty likely. Remember all of the infamous socialists that supposedly showed up on the White House guest list? “Howting” sounded like a fairly common name, and “John M.” sounded fairly common as well.
    Fortunately, we have actual data. To my surprise, according tothe Bureau of Census, in the 2000 census there were fewer than 100 Howting’s recorded. They only publish surnames with more than 100 occurrences (for privacy reasons), and Howting doesn’t show up. There were exactly 100 Copperwheat’s, Vidaurrazaga’s, Ziegelhofer’s, etc.
    BTW, there were also fewer than 100 T’s, so either Tommy has a very small extended family or they are all militia types who refuse to answer the census :). There were however 26876 Te’s and 23968 Tea’s–possibly variant spellings of T.
    Full disclosure: There were also fewer than 100 Kibitzer’s, but we’ve always been a secretive bunch.

  2. Correction: There were only 850 Te’s and 983 Tea’s. The 26876 and 23968 were their ranks in order of decreasing frequency. We regret the error.

  3. Kibitzer – how many of them are GOP activists who work for a guy who thinks Breitbart’s methods were praiseworthy?
    I’ll bet that narrows the pool down to one.

  4. I love how the fellow’s approach is the War on Straw: “So how can I shake down politicians?” All this while going through the effort of making up fake biographies.

  5. Just heard back from Michael Powell at the NYT (apparently some scurrilous blogger let him know about the Thad McCotter connection).
    He found out this morning that Mr. Howting left staff two months ago (or so they say).

  6. Scurrilous blogger? I wonder who that could have been.

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