I Had No Idea White Folks Had It So Bad In America

Don’t worry, my brothers and sisters. You shall overcome. Someday.

Just a quick one here, folks. Did you know that white folks needed saving in this country? Apparently, we are seriously oppressed. Don’t believe me? Just ask thisfuture Nobel Prize winner:

Today I, John King, MAEd, a father of two, honorably discharged officer of the US Army and a proud individual of European descent, decided to take on the “Klan with a Tan” at a “Justice for Trayvon” rally held at the University of Southern Indiana (USI) just outside of Evansville. I have had it with anti-White rhetoric thinly disguised as Trayvon “remembrance”. I have had enough of this lame stream anti-White media campaign, the likes of which I have seen coming from my television from the time I was an infant. I believe in individual responsibility. I am tired of other races blaming their problems, shortcomings, deficiencies, etc on White people. 80% of the inmates in the Federal Prison System are non-Whites. With perhaps a few exceptions most everyone of them earned a jail cell by their actions. But if we’re to listen to the Trayvon devotees, they are there because of “racist” judges and juries. Good one! We must understand that American Whites are subjected to an almost constant barrage of anti-White media propaganda. The propaganda is designed to hammer down White people and beat any sense of pride and heritage out of them. Usually the propaganda follows the usual paradigm: a evil, white, racist, nazi, supremacist White kills/beats an innocent, defenseless, lovable little black boy. That’s why the media is showing pictures of Trayvan as cute little boy instead of the 17 year old thug he was with gold teeth flashing gang signs. This paradigm remains the same. Last time it was those three Duke Lacrosse players and that cute adorable black escort girl. It turned out the entire production was a hoax but there was no apology to those three white students once the hoax was exposed. Most hate crimes — if you do your research — are staged events in which Whites are falsely blamed. The entire purpose of the media circus is to beat down the resolve of the White race as a whole. We are all made to feel guilty because of the injustice done to Tyrone X or LaQueesha X. Any sort of propaganda which has its purpose to beat down a racial or ethnic group and make it feel ashamed of itself is IMMORAL. And it should be attacked as being immoral. Everyone — blacks, whites, reds, etc — have a human right to feel proud of the accomplishments of their ancestors and kinsfolk.

Ain’t gonna let Tyrone X turn us around, brothers.

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to start chanting and marching around with bullhorns and shit. Don’t forget the SPF 50! Sunburn is clearly part of the Black conspiracy against us.

Apparently, we’re also required to wear shorts with loafers and calf-length socks. I guess good fashion sense is part of the Afro-Hispano-Native American-Asian New World Order, and is to be avoided at all costs.

Oh, and where is my god-damned meteor?

15 thoughts on “I Had No Idea White Folks Had It So Bad In America

  1. Everyone — blacks, whites, reds, etc — have a human right to feel proud of the accomplishments of their ancestors and kinsfolk
    Al Swearingen called, he says you’re a DICK.

  2. Also, I posted something about this on Facebook and was accused by an acquaintance from high school of “stirring the hate relations.”
    I shit you not.

  3. Ugh. Last night I got a “Crazy Uncle” e-mail, you know, one of those things some idiot’s crazy uncle sent to their entire address book. I wasn’t even sure who the guy was who sent it to me, must have been an accident. Basically it was a racist rant about a horrible murder in Knoxville several years ago committed by two black teens against a white couple. It was quite a notorious incident in Tennessee. Snopes has a copy of the e-mail uphere, so I guess it’s making the wingnut rounds. The upshot is, “where’s the NAACP! Where’s Rev. Al Sharpton’s outrage! Oh right … the victims were WHITE.”
    Here’s what I do when I get these things — which is rare. I send a rebuttal as a reply to all. That usually nips this shit in the bud right away because most people don’t want their entire address book knowing they’re idiots. And I pointed out that the kids who committed the Knoxville crime in his e-mail were arrested, charged, tried and convicted. None of which could be said about George Zimmerman, who is walking around a free man with his gun. And that is why people are upset.
    So the guy — I found out he’s a neighbor — replied this morning. He said Zimmerman should have “fired a warning shot,” that would have been “prudent,” and then went on about the problem all of the black kids in hoodies from the projects were giving him at an apartment building he owns and the police do NOTHING. None of which has squat to do with the Trayvon Martin case — he wasn’t committing a crime, he wasn’t in the projects, he was in a gated community in Florida, yada yada.
    Yes, let’s fire warning shots at everyone we don’t know in our neighborhood. Oy.
    There is no longer a racist underbelly. The racism is out there, full-on, for everyone to see. Like leopard’s spots or stripes on a zebra. They’re not even embarrassed about it. I just don’t know what to say.

  4. Athenae,
    I believe you are slightly incorrect, Al Swearingen would have called him a fucking cocksucker…and then fed him to the pigs.

  5. Way to go Southern Beale. Only watch out. I have a neighbor who likes to throw out the latest “facts” that he has learned by listening to radio. Always includes a statement that it doesn’t matter who said it if it is the truth. After a few rounds, I ended up noticing that it took a few seconds for him to repeat the latest fabrication. But then it took time and trouble on my account to chase down the rumor. And why should I be his fact checker??
    And about the Martin case, why don’t the radio pundits note that Martin was in a lawful place, doing a lawful activity, he went beyond the law by running away. According to the tapes, Zimmerman started demanding what Martin was doing. So by Zimmerman and “Stand your ground” law, Martin would have been perfectly legal in blowing Zimmerman away???

  6. I didn’t realize that most hate crimes were staged events designed to falsely accuse white people.
    But that’s probably because I have done my research.

  7. The majority of the population is white. The majority of crimes are committed by white men. The majority of incarcerated criminals are not white. I realize that math is hard, but you would think that when the reason for this is as clearly demonstrated as it is in the Zimmerman case even the dirty whit boys could figure it out.

  8. Having looked at their website, they are pretty reasonable and peaceful.

  9. According to the FBI of the 1.7 Million violent interracial crimes (annually) 90% of them have a white victim and a black perpetrator. It would be immoral to try to shame decent, hardworking black people for the actions of these black criminals. But why should White America be shamed for the murder?/justified homocide? of Trayvon? Zimmerman is Hebranic (half Jew, half Hispanic). It’s wrong and immoral to try to lay a guilt trip on an entire race of people for the misdeeds of a few. The inmates in the Federal Prison System are about 80% black or hispanic. My gut feeling is that they are there because they did the crime. As Whites are 62% of the American population (and blacks 13%) it should be obvious to even the mentally retarded that there should be more White vacationers, drivers, lotto players, college students and criminals. My opinion is that if Zimmerman was a black “community policing” agent and Trayvon was a white thug, you would never have heard about the death of Trayvon in a million years.

  10. So… 300 years of slavery, discrimination, oppression and lynching were all just staged events to make Whitey look bad…
    Question, John King: Are you blind,ignorant or just willfully stupid?

  11. Ya know, I ended up having a nice little e-mail exchange with my neighbor, and I hope I was able to make my larger point: think before you FWD: … ! And he explained that he is responding to issues he has because he owns an apartment complex in an economically marginal part of town, near housing projects.
    I get this crap from all sides, folks. My sister sent me 9/11 Truth crap. I have a black friend who routinely sends me videos about the Jewish banking One World Order conspiracy that involves the Rothschilds. I have a Jewish cousin who sends me “Muslims are outbreeding everyone else” videos. My Catholic brother in law sent me the same crap (different branch of the family). Unity! My other neighbor sent me long-debunked “liberals are trying to outlaw Christmas” crap.
    If evil exists it is in this … ridiculous e-mail FWD: crap that is dividing us all. I’m still trying to make sense of it all.
    Meanwhile, my “reply to all” has yielded several responses from people I don’t know. As I said, there were at least a hundred names on that e-mail list. But I haven’t even read them, just hit the delete key. We have no power except that: the choice to escalate or not. I said my spiel and I’m done.

  12. Wasn’t Oswald Cobblepot a heartless villan in Batman? aka The Penguin?
    Kind of nice for folks to self-identify their ethics when postiing dubious statistics.

  13. He’s dissing on names like “LaQueesha”??!? Um, has he LOOKED at ‘white’ baby names of late? “Tiphanie”…”Snooki”…I rest my case… Dude’s a shithole in need of filling.

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