A List of Things That Cannot Get Covered by the Washington Post

James O’Keefe? Still not on it.

Toward the end of the post, the author admits O’Keefe’s latest stunt is likely bullshit:

Project Veritas is promising more footage from D.C. polling places for its “Voter Fraud in America” series.

However, there’s a hint O’Keefe might be overselling his goods: In one portion of the footage, the man was repeatedly told by a poll worker to fill out a “special ballot” — also known as a provisional ballot — which are used in any case in D.C. where there is doubt about a voter’s eligibility to cast a ballot.

THEN WHY THE TITS ARE YOU GIVING HIM REAL ESTATE IN THE WASHINGTON POST? If you think he’s offering you “evidence” of dubious quality, why are you still allowing him space in one of America’s premiere newspapers to sell it? Do you do that for every clown who walks in the door, or just the darlings of the wingnut spank bank? You’d think after someone had been proven, over and over, to be a completely unreliable moron, you’d start being able to ignore his press releases.


7 thoughts on “A List of Things That Cannot Get Covered by the Washington Post

  1. Interesting Southern.
    I wonder now that Breitbart is dead, will O’Keefe be selling the story and film rights so that there are movies of the week about him.

  2. Interesting, indeed, Southern Beale. And ACORN, the organization that helped rebuild homes and lives in New Orleans and elsewhere, is destroyed.

  3. Oh, yeah, times have changed. Ratfuckers like Donald Segretti used to go to jail.
    Now they get free PR in The Washington Post.

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