Exquisitely Bored


Willard Mittbot Romney is bored. He and the Dressage Queen are living in one of the 4 home states that he lost, and, naturally, they picked the one that’s nice at this time of year: California. You know, it’s the house in La Jolla that’s going to have a car elevator but it doesn’t yet.Willard is bored, bored, bored:

Four weeks after losing a presidential election he was convinced he
would win, Romney’s rapid retreat into seclusion has been marked by
repressed emotions, second-guessing and, perhaps for the first time in
the overachiever’s adult life, sustained boredom, according to
interviews with more than a dozen of Romney’s closest friends and

Wow, the Mittbot sounds almost human. It’s a pity that he’s wallowing in self-pity, which is unattractive and unseemly coming from an arrogant rich prick but it’s human.

One reason for Mitt’s epic pity party is that his fellow Republicans have not only kicked him to the curb but they keep coming back and kicking him in the head. Apparently, it’s wreaking havoc with the Mitt ‘do, which has become floppy and ungelled, which is the plutocratic version of uncombed and unkempt. I seethe with both class *and* hair envy when it comes to Willard. The fucker does not deserve that full head of hair…

As to the entitled and condescending Ann Romney, she’s resentful,resentful,resentful:

By all accounts, the past month has been most difficult on Romney’s
wife, Ann, who friends said believed up until the end that ascending to
the White House was their destiny. They said she has been crying in
private and trying to get back to riding her horses.

She’s probably also upset that Mittbot has to pump his own gas nowadays. It’s what happens when the 47% leave their “apartments” after getting their Obama “gifts” and vote against the stiff. A side bar: why do Republicans think that all poor people live in apartments? Hell, in Manhattan it’s the rich folks who live in apartments.

I know it’s a bit cruel to bang on about the Romneys but the powerful and delusional are funny. The 2012 election was never fated to be a blow-out, so the agony of defeat was possible on both sides. Of course, I never thought Willard Mittbot Romney would be our first robot President BUT I had the numbers on my side.

Time to circle back to the Gopers kicking Romney around. It’s all a part of the narrative that they would have won with a better candidate. Too bad for them that the other options were clowns like Perry, Newt, Cain, Santorum and the like. I do get a kick out of Republicans acting like Democrats and piling on their defeated candidate but they’ve been harder on Willard than we were on our recent losers. It has been entertaining and edifying to watch Governor PBJ and his ilk pounce on Mittbot: I halfway expect them to steal the Tin Man’s oil can next. One more side bar: My friend, the former Picayune columnist, Stephanie Grace has an excellent piece in the Gambit about Jindal’s national ambitions. PBJ is almost as delusional as the Romneys, y’all…

Finally, Philip Rucker’s WaPo article makes me think that Pete Townshend is a prophet, prophet, prophet:

Exquisitely bored in California,
We take our trouble to the Crest.

Exquisitely bored in California.
Exquisitely bored – just like all the rest.

Of course, Pete was writing about his stint in drug rehab but Willard’s withdrawing from the most potent drug of all: Potomac Fever.

UPDATE: I stumbled into an interview with Townshend and Daltrey that’s partially about Yank politics. Holy coinky-dink, Batman.

9 thoughts on “Exquisitely Bored

  1. I think it’s got to be worse than bored. If Mitt had not been forced to pander so aggressively to the same lunatics who are now blaming him for losing the election, he’d have had a much better chance at winning. At the same time, that pandering completely lost him the respect of anyone in the Democratic Party who might have been willing to give him a pass. He cannot be happy about that — whether he blames himself for being willing to play the game, the crazies for demanding that he play the game, or the rest of us for being so offended at his pandering (“for gosh sakes, I’m just pandering to the crazies, why do you have to take it so seriously”), who can tell? (I’m being as nice as I possibly can — it’s an objectively good thing that someone so willing to live in an alternate-reality bubble lost the election. I want an informed president, not a clueless one.)
    All-in-all, his candidacy was a tremendous waste, of money, time, and goodwill; it even wasted the chance for the Republicans to have the educational experience of watching a True Believer like Santorum get pounded into the dust in the general election.

  2. If he’d moved a ways up the coast to Oregon he wouldn’t have to (or be allowed to) pump his own gas. Which is better given the rain.

  3. Aw, “poor” Willard and Ann…guess they even think their pain is somehow superior to the rest of us.
    Interesting article on PBJ — he’s certainly been in the spotlight lately, but I still think he fades, and probably long before getting to the home stretch. I’ve mentioned this before in comments, but to repeat, I think he becomes Health and Human Services Secretary if a Repug wins in 2016, god forbid…

  4. I’m so over the Mittster … btw, if that’s a “full head of hair” I’m Chuck Norris’s stunt double…look at that “widow’s peak”. Dude is comb-overing like nobody’s business.
    Now somebody explain to me, please, why the gods of rock music all spend time in rehab?

  5. at least dole, GHWB, + mccant had a foreshadowing. these 2 thought they were gonna win. the bubble popping was a thunderbolt.
    tho i cpould have seen his hope slipping away at the 3rd debate…

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