3 thoughts on “The Internet’s Journalism Slaughter

  1. Why, yes, of course a newspaper can do without reporters, but it can’t do without the business expertise of the CEO, the expert manager, the person who understands Wall Street.
    And where did that “considerable debt” come from? Borrowing from Wall Street to satisfy the determination of Lee’s CEO and CFO to buy the Pulitzer group of newspapers, which sent it into bankruptcy, and because of that, its stock is trading very close to the penny stock level. Now that Lee’s out of bankruptcy, they, of course, feel the need to be rewarded for their recklessness.
    No doubt about it–capitalism’s a serial killer…

  2. Dumb question: How likely is it that restructuring the debt and the details of how to do it actually originated with the CEO = vs – the CEO came in with blood on their fangs and they hired someone (at a much lower salary) with downsizing and restructuring experience to do the details.

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