Caption This: Mitt the Sandman Edition

Here’s a photo taken by TPM’s Benjy Sarlin:


10 thoughts on “Caption This: Mitt the Sandman Edition

  1. Mr Sandman, bring me a dream.
    Wake me when it’s over.
    Is the lad on the right a Romney sprout?


  3. Mass says:

    Has Sen. David Vitter offered an opinion on Secret Service agents and their trysts with prostitutes?

  4. Is it cynical of me to point out that they always put the “ethnic”-looking folks right behind Mitt to make it look like his support isn’t so completely white?

  5. Also, as far as the photo caption goes, aren’t we always told that college-age males are thinking about sex 98% of the time? So … thinking the caption might be NSFW

  6. Gu says:

    “… and that completes the inventory on the first house. Now, in the second house, starting with the servants’ quarters, you find — hey, you wanted full disclosure!”

  7. Gummo says:

    Er, above was me.

  8. pansypoo says:

    butbutbut he’s a manilla thrillah.

  9. MichaelF says:

    Blue Screen of Death
    Romney encountered an error and has caused you to crash.
    STOP CODE 0X0000005

  10. presquevu says:

    I was in the Buick,
    Seamus, that’s the dog’s topside.
    Well, I was in the Buick,
    Seamus, my old hound’s topside.
    Well, the sun sinks slowly
    But my old hound dog shit himself and cried.

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