28 thoughts on “Weekend Question Thread

  1. (Though in fact when I sold a story recently for $217 dollars I used the money to buy groceries and shoes for the kid.)

  2. music. boy, i could really buy a LOT at estate sales. IF a good one. bakery! is saving some allowed? i DO need new long underwear.

  3. A gram of rhymes-with-schlocaine, just for old times’ sake (from when they cost that much). Haven’t done it in decades, but what the hell? Fun!
    My poor aging constitution probably couldn’t deal and I’d keel over dead, but with a smile. (On reflection, it’d more likely be a hideous rictus and arms wrapped around my failing heart.)
    Ok…books. 🙂

  4. Some silver wire or sheet silver to make things with. Or books. Or some exotic food items. Then I’d make a coolly weird dinner and invite some friends over to eat.

  5. Books and music. You can read the books many times over the years and there’s always one song on an album that sounds better over the years.

  6. Dinner at the Louisiana Bistro whose Chef and proprietor, Eric Mars, and I have an S & M relationship only without the leather, whips and chains.

  7. Wine. Red. Bordeaux.
    Yeah, I thought maybe books, but I’ve got so many on my list that I can borrow up for free at the library, so…

  8. I give fifty bucks to hit the questioner until I can spend it on my wife and I. Then nice dinner!

  9. Body creme from Jo Malone, and a pedicure.
    I was going to say books, but I have so many I haven’t read and there is such a thing as a library. So I think Brooklyn Girl is on the right track. A massage, maybe.

  10. I had to come back and relate a story. In the mid 70’s I actualy DID find a hundred dollar bill, inside Texas state capital building, on some steps. I figured (even then) that it had fallen out of some lobbyist pocket. I used it to buy a new waterbed. Yeah, 70’s indeed!

  11. Yarn. And more yarn. Fancy light-weight wool. Or viscous and nubbly. And magazines with patterns.

  12. “Donuts, books, coffee; the staffs of life.”
    Wasn’t The Staffs of Life a spinoff where Tootie, Dee and Mrs. Garrett run an office?

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