Almost Lost My Shit

Lost my shit has been a hot shit expression around NOLA of late. It’s kind of an odd one when you think about it: shouldn’t you want to lose shit? In any event, we’ve all either lost or nearly lost it in the post-Isaac mess.

There are still pockets in the city that do not have power as of this writing. The local utility, Entergy, seems not to have a press/PR operation; either that or they think we’re too fucking stupid to understand a simplified version of utilityspeak. For some reason, the current CEO of Entergy New Orleans is Charles Rice who was one of C Ray Nagin’s top aides. Talk about failing upward. Rice, at least, is neither under indictment nor investigation unlike his former boss whose former associates have been rolling over like loose barrels or some such shit.

The one decent thing about the post-Isaac mess is that we ever so briefly got back that community spirit that we had in 2005 and 2006. We also, however, have revisted a bit of the post-K food stench in areas where the trash remains uncollected. Yuck.

Our dirtiest job was cleaning out our flooded big ass trash can. It was secured and didn’t fly away but the lid popped up and bin filled up. Included in the contents was a kitty litter liner. We had to do some bailing and used some of the liquefied Oscar-n-Della stuff as fertilizer. It was during this process that Dr. A and I both briefly lost our shit while dealing with cat shit. We bounced back rather quickly.

Life seems to be getting back to semi-normal, which is as normal as it gets in NOLA. We were even treated to the spectacle of Bitter Vitter standing behind President Obama during a presser in St John the Baptist Parish yesterday. Bi-partisan harmony has not broken out but the storm aftermath isn’t a political football like it was in 2005. It helps when the FEMA director is the most qualified person in the country for the job and not Heckuva Job Brownie…

Finally, the post title evokes the wheezy old David Crosby song, Almost Cut My Hair. Crosby, of course, later lost his once leonine hair as well as his shit when we did time for being an armed, dangerous and coked out douchebag. When I’m less enervated I may even write some lyrics for this CSNY chestnut:

This will be, I hope, my last Isaac post. Back to our regularly scheduled programming: cat blogging, pulp fiction and mocking the Mittbot. Hmm, I wonder if can borrow a chair from Clint Eastwood?

8 thoughts on “Almost Lost My Shit

  1. I always thought “losing one’s shit” meant losing control over one’s sphincter.
    Thus, shit would be lost in the most inconvenient manner possible.

  2. Yikes on the cat litter. Ugh. Down here just had to deal with my can smelling like a dumpster for a few days because trash collection was stopped during the storm. Oh well. Gave it a good rinse with the hose over the weekend.
    A co-worker of mine just had his power restored yesterday. As for me, I’m trying to decide what’s a better investment — a standby generator tied to the house that runs automatically during a power outage, or something like a deck/screen porch that’s secure enough against weather and theft to allow me to run the emergency generator I bought a few years ago…and which I stared at forlornly last week when I realized there was no real place I could put it.

  3. Hope you have a good place to go and physically cool off (as well as mentally). As I’m sure you already know, the combination of heat and humidity on the coast can be not only brutal but also fatal – even without the extra physical labor of cleaning up after the storm.

  4. Can I relate to this. Had to do the same with two trash bins whose lids flew up in the storm. One had the doggie bags and floor diapers in ’em. Found out that if you tip them over at an angle, the water runs out at that place on the front where that little bar is. I just leaned mine against something and did something else. Then came back, leaned it a little further. Then filled them back up again with trash that had blown into the yard, 3 days of hurricane food, and everything that had to go from the fridge and freezer.
    That was Thursday. They’re still on the curb as of this morning. The smell is a force to be reckoned with.

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