Let Them Eat, Oh, I Don’t Know, Bowls Of Steam, I Guess


Asbusinesses rake in record profits, Paul Ryan demands that basic assistance for the poor be slashed even further.

I’m old enough to remember when supply siders smugly asserted the private sector was inherently faster, better, cheaper, and even pretended trickle down honest-to-Jesus was real. Now they don’t even bother. It’s just a grand experiment to see how much they can shovel to the top before things fall apart.

At which point they’ll insist that what we need is…more tax cuts for the rich, and greater austerity for the rest of us.

Rinse, repeat.

4 thoughts on “Let Them Eat, Oh, I Don’t Know, Bowls Of Steam, I Guess

  1. Tangentially related, the so-called debate over the doubling of rates for student loans. With the fed rate being **ZERO**, banks paying 1 per cent on CDs, student debts not being dischargable in bankruptcy,the probability that the debt will accumulate while the student goes for an adanced degree,…how do we justify making the students pay 6 per cent? That is unless we want to use the debt to keep students from getting a clean start in their career and therefore keep them down for their entire work life.

  2. Yes, you’ve got a point…and just to add another .000002 cents worth, I’m convinced more than ever that the sheer narcissism on the part of our overlord clowns is so extreme that they don’t see the slightest problem in destroying civil society, the next generation, the world their goddamned grandkids will live in for chrissakes, just to squeeze out a few more nickels of daily/quarterly profit…

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