4 thoughts on “Bachmann cheeses it…

  1. I’m still wondering what the hell she was thinking.
    If there was any ounce of sense in the House Democrats, they would push to have her security clearance revoked, which would probably also mean her being removed from the House Intelligence Committee. I don’t have anything against dual citizens or Switzerland. But the rules on gaining and maintaining a security clearance are pretty straightforward, and actively pursuing dual citizenship can be grounds for losing one.
    You know that if we were talking about Jan Schakowsky, the GOP would be screaming for a firing squad; I’m getting really fucking tired of Republicans getting a pass on blatantly stupid/evil shit because they’re Republicans.

  2. Michelle Bachmann on the House Intelligence Committee? The jokes write themselves.

  3. Well, that lasted all of like 5 seconds.
    I’m kind of sad to see that she renounced it – both from the standpoint of questioning her alliegance to which country – but even more that dual citizenship is a tricky question. Although the restrictions are almost never enforced, technically three are a lot of questions about it that can be raised from US law.

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