Weekend Question Thread

You’re about to die, and you get your last meal. What is it?

Mine? Deep-dish pepperoni and sausage pizza fromDeRango’s Pizzain Racine, Wis. Two inches thick and dripping with salty, spicy, heavenly tomato sauce and gooey cheese.

Or aLee’s sandwich. I don’t know what they put in those sandwiches. I was just talking to my dad the other day about how I bought all the ingredients to make the exact same sandwich at home, just a basic ham and turkey and cheese thing on Italian bread, with French dressing, and IT DIDN’T TASTE THE SAME AT ALL.


14 thoughts on “Weekend Question Thread

  1. Oh, good! An easy one. Molé Poblano and a bottle of Bohemia at La Indita in Tucson.

  2. A #1 Combo Platter at a decent Mexican restaurant with a margarita. Or 4 fried chickens and a coke.

  3. I can’t imagine I’d have much of an appetite if I were about to die.
    That said, probably something along the lines of roast chicken, roasted potatoes and steamed broccoli with a lovely chardonnay.

  4. Wow. Like the old Culver’s billboard down by Whitewater used to say: “So many choices; so few cupholders.”
    I’ve got so many favorite foods, it would be tough to choose. Right now, right here, though, it would be a genuine New York deli hot pastrami sandwich, kosher dill on the side, and kettle chips. Or brisket from Arthur Bryant’s in KC. So many choices…

  5. “Two inches thick and dripping with salty, spicy, heavenly tomato sauce and gooey cheese.”
    sounds like that could be your last meal whether you were expecting it to be or not.

  6. Gumbo, french bread/baguette, and a bottle of good red wine, preferably Bordeaux. Make that two bottles of wine…why not?

  7. hmm, pork gravy + beef gravy over mashed potatoes(not mixed, 2 gravy lakes w/ 2 boasts, fresh sweet corn, and rhubarb pie.

  8. Oyster Pan Roast from Oyster Bar in Grand Central Station in NYC with good company. Or ____ with good company.

  9. The wording has me confused. If you mean ‘last meal before being executed’ I would order something out of season so the execution would have to be postponed. Then a few months later I would change my request to something else out of season. Then rinse and repeat.
    If it is ‘last meal before the world explodes’ it would have to be something containing bacon. Bacon is the candy of meats.

  10. read this in the Times: woman with stomach cancer is told she has to have her stomach removed; afterward (as if she had gastric bypass) she can eat a little at a time, but never a meal. Her husband calls NYC restaurant Le Bernadin to see if she can’t eat her last meal there. They explain they don’t have a table available, at which point he explains why he’s trying to make a reservation at such short notice.
    Maitre’d comes back to the phone, gives him a seating time of 6pm and explains his wife has to be out of there by 8.
    True story.

  11. Wienerschnitzel from Siechen’s in Wiesbaden. The really neat thing about that meal was, apart from the cooking being superb, was that it technically never ended just so long as one could continue to eat–the servings were endless–if one finished one plate, another appeared.
    So, all in all, it’s the tastiest way I can think of to delay execution until the reprieve arrives…

  12. Dinner at Rafain’s. Spicy pichana all the way, baby!
    (“Mommy – why is that man eating in handcuffs?”)

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