Doesn’t Mean They’re Any Less Wrong


Ok, yeah, this is my own sour grapes reaction, but watching the election returns Tuesday, obviously disappointed, I took small comfort, but some comfort…history will judge wingnuts for what they are.

In 1972 Nixon beat George McGovern like a rented mule. But Nixon, as Hunter Thompson wrote (citing Robert Kennedy), still “represent[ed] the dark side of the American dream, ” and McGovern is still a genuine war hero and decent human being.

It’s unfortunate but true that there will always be Scott Walkers representing the dark side, and plenty of cretins happily following along. But there will also be the hundreds of thousands of people like the citizens of Wisconsin who stood up for all the right reasons…and took to the streets when anyone who’s lived through an Upper Midwest winter knows it’s an effort to merely survive, much less demonstrate. History will judge them, too.

I grew up in a conservative family, not quite as full of spewing hatred as hillbilly-herion-addict Rush Limbaugh and Zombie-Ichabod-Crane impersonator Ann Coulter, but Republican to the core. I’m proud that instead I chose to be liberal, and watching the people of Wisconsin take on corporate greed makes me even more certain my decision was right.

It’s not going to be easy, but even with Walker, the Kochheads, etc., progress won’t be stopped. And when future generations are asking what-the-fuck-were-they-thinking, ok, sure, I’ll be in the grave, but my rotting corpse will rest a damn lot easier knowing at least some of us did the right thing…

6 thoughts on “Doesn’t Mean They’re Any Less Wrong

  1. The only other time I was moved to make phone calls and knock on doors was in 2004, in an attempt to end as early as possible the disaster that was the presidency of GW Bush. I can’t help but think that Walker will end up the way Bush did: dismal approval ratings, with everyone but the last few dead-enders asking themselves “what the hell were we thinking?!”
    Of course, the damage done while getting from here to there…

  2. Agree with you on the damage, but…well, shit.
    Not to be all cynical, all the time, but not long after Walker was elected (and around the time Jindal down here was coasting to re-election) I began to realize that even IF we could get the mouth-breathers to stop being obstructionist, I’ll be old or dead by the time they’ve cleaned up their damage anyway.
    That doesn’t mean I won’t do whatever I can to stop the wingers from dragging us down even further…but it does mean I’m not as optimistic…or maybe it means I’ve got more of a past than a future at my age. So it goes for everyone, eh?

  3. Here’s a thought. Run for office. I’m contemplating doing it in a couple of years. Running for the state legislature against the long-time incumbent. It won’t cost much because the Republican machine doesn’t put much money in small local races and anyway I haven’t a snowball’s chance of winning, but at least I will force her to have a conversation and some of my views will get heard. Otherwise I’m just whistling in the wind. Everyone who posts here commenters included are twice (or more) as smart as the knuckle-draggers currently holding office. Why don’t we run against them? Right now in my county, we have difficulty finding a Democrat to even work the polls at election time, Democratic candidates are strong-armed by the Republicans to change parties or lose…why? Because voters don’t hear us. If they hear us they might just realize they have more in common with us than them. How will anyone ever know there is an option unless they hear the conversation? How can there be a conversation with only one voice? Just a suggestion. Maybe at least for the time being winning isn’t the most important thing. And who knows I might shock myself and be the one taking the oath of office someday.

  4. Good luck Jo, and if I wasn’t a classified civil servant, I’d give it some consideration, too…though between that and the fact that my local and State representatives are actually pretty good.
    My US Rep., on the other hand…along with both senators…sigh. Gret Stet politics can be, um, entertaining, but also grind-your-teeth frustrating…

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