4 thoughts on “Blogger Ethics Panel Alert

  1. Oh that’s nothing. The Tennessean used to run opnion pieces in their “Tennessee voices” section byemployees for corporate astroturfer Rick Berman. Repeatedly, despite being called out on it many, many times.
    And Gannett’s USA Today just ran the worst suck-up to Coca-Cola I’ve ever read inan incredibly bizarre Q&A with one of their execs. Full of lies and misinformation, which are never challenged. I was astonished.
    I mean, hey: your bottom line wouldn’t suck if you just got these people to buy a fucking ad instead of printing their garbage verbatim. I thought that’s how it worked: the propaganda they want in the paper? They pay for it and it says “advertisement” above it.

  2. In this last weekend’s paper, the Univ of Iowa network of medical centers is running a program which they say is ethical and consistent with what their peer institutions are doing.
    Your medical info is released to a PR firm to generate a letter asking for support from the appropriate medical specialty. For example, if you go in for eye surgery, you will get a letter “signed by” the head of Ophthalmology asking for contributions to eye research. If you then give money, it will be noted on your chart so the doctor can thank you for your support at the next visit.
    Anybody else find this creepy? Does it imply that your doc will give you more attentive care because he knows you gave money? etc. What great public relations!

  3. Anybody else find this creepy?
    ** Raises hand **
    Yes it’s very creepy. But just another shred of our privacy, gone. What was that the wingnuts were telling us, there’s no constitutional right to privacy? Yeah that worked well for them when they were trying to deny women abortions, now watch what happens when a private healthcare system denies them services for failing to donate to the right causes.

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