Just A Reminder

Yep. Power in a union.

Remember–this happened. And that energy, and that power, is still out there. We’ve had some wins lately, and a lot more losses, but the people are still there, and will always, when push comes to shove, tell the powerful where to stick it.

3 thoughts on “Just A Reminder

  1. mamaraby says:

    It was an amazing time…life changing, really. Just wish it had turned out differently. It’s definitely still *not* a good time to be a public employee in Wisconsin. It’s a nice version of the song, though.

  2. blue cheddar says:

    Nice pickin’ in that version. Yes: There is power in a union.

  3. Mitch says:

    We still gather in the Rotunda every day, and that’s one of the songs we sing. It’s not over.

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