Fools & Their Money

Well, this is an interesting development in the case of Trayvon Martin shooter George Zimmerman:

Four days before she testified to having no knowledge of the funds, the affidavit says, Shellie Zimmerman began a series of transfers into her account — totaling $74,000 between April 16 and April 19.

The affidavit says about $47,000 more was transferred from George Zimmerman’s account to his sister’s. Shellie Zimmerman withdrew about $18,000 more cash, prosecutors say.

Prosecutors say the Zimmermans used a rudimentary “code” to discuss the money in recorded jailhouse phone calls — referring to $100,000, for example, as “$100.” At least two of the calls, the state alleges, were made while Shellie Zimmerman and her husband’s sister were at a local credit union making the transactions.

“In my account do I have at least $100?” Zimmerman asked. “No… there’s like $8. $8.60,” she replied.

Zimmerman told his wife to “pay off all the bills” with the money, prosecutors said, including an American Express card and a Sam’s Club card. He also instructed her on how to pay for his bail.

As you’ve no doubt by now heard, George Zimmerman’s wife has been arrested for perjury. But if these allegations turn out to be true, I have to wonder if there won’t be fraud charges added into the mix. You silly people who donated your hard-earned money to the George Zimmerman Defense Fund? Kinda looks like all you did was help them pay off their Sam’s Club bill.

Sure hope y’all aren’t the same people who paid for the Palin family vacation last summer. Grifters gotta grift, suckers are born every minute, etc. etc.

7 thoughts on “Fools & Their Money

  1. I read this post and thought to myself, HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHHAHHAHHAHHAHHAH, fucking morans!
    While I have no doubt that Zimmerman’s defense team (assuming that they’re still around) will do their utmost to impugn Trayvon Martin’s character. OTOH, teh Zimmermani are doing all of the prosecution’s work for them in that regard.

  2. 1) Did they not think that the court was gonna keep a close audit on Zimmerman’s bank account?
    2) I assume the sister was pulling money out in order to make sure the balance stayed low. If so, seems possible that racketeering and money laundering may also be involved.
    3) Speaking in code seems to be an admission that they knew it was wrong. If so, Zimmerman was running crimes (possibly including federal felonies) from prison. Various possibilities including regulations involving fund transfers. By the amount, we’re in territory for anti-terrorist limits enacted after 9/11.
    4) Like you said, if the defense can’t get the judge to disallow introducing this in court, Zimmerman’s credibility is going down the toilet.

  3. That’s one rudimentary code. It makes pig latin look like an Enigma machine.

  4. Well, the Zimmerman scamsters kept the gullible conservitards from investing their life savings in Breitbart collectibles, so that’s a plus.
    How is it a plus for the conservitards? Well, they’re still out the money, but they don’t have the long-term embarrassment of a photoshopped Breitbart monstrosity hanging on their wall.

  5. joejoejoe FTW ‘It makes pig latin look like an Enigma machine.’

  6. C’mon, let’s be fair.
    If you were going to engage in possible criminal conspiracy to commit perjury, wouldn’t YOU speak in code when talking to your potential co-conspriator on a jailhouse phone?
    At least they weren’t talking about betting $100 on Pay All The Bills to place…

  7. Aw, fuck, I can’t wait for this to become the ABC Tuesday Movie of the Week. It’s got everything–murder, drama, comedy, cops, gated communities, medical examiners, fraud, perjury, courtrooms.
    And the trial hasn’t even started yet…

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