Today on Tommy T’s Obsession with the Freeperati – Ship Of Tools edition

Good morning, everybody – since the Great Romney purge of ’12, the average IQ of the Freeeperati seems to have dropped by double digits, and when you’restarting out in the double digits, that’s significant.

Frankly, I have house plants with more intelligence, and bass guitar stings with more cognitive ability.

Kibitzer is fascinated by The Mystery Of The Double Posts, so the first one’s for tha K-dawg.

It’sScarborough Unfair!

Scarborough To Conservatives: “Stay In Your Mother’s Basement” [Video]
Real Clear Politics ^ | June 12, 2012 | Morning Joe

Posted on Wednesday, June 13, 2012 8:07:07 AM byThird Person

Joe Scarborough to Jeb Bush opponents: “You know, you can go online and act like a jackass and say what you want to say and now everybody is calling Jeb Bush a RINO (Republican in name only). Just shut the hell up.You can stay in your mother’s basement, you can eat your Cheetos, you can type on your dingy laptop. That’s all you got, but you are not the future of the Republican Party. So just keep screaming at your walls downstairs, your day is done.”


What an establishment tool. You’re an ass, Joe boy!
1 posted on Wednesday, June 13, 2012 8:07:18 AM byThird Person
Scarborough may not be the sharpest tool in the bag of hammers, but there’s not enough wattage in this entire thread to power a LED nightlight:

To: Third Person

Joe. Look at the election results. We are the ones out there with jobs, businesses, paying taxes, and are winning every election in most parts of the country.

You’re also paying his salary by watching his show, so it all evens out.

We are the majority, and we are going to change the way Washington functions…like it or not.

2 posted on Wednesday, June 13, 2012 8:09:24 AM byilgipper
Not only are they “the majority”, they’re also the best and the brightest!

To:Third Person

Hey Joe, at leastwe do not get paid to show off our stupidity.

3 posted on Wednesday, June 13, 2012 8:09:57 AM byStayingawayfromthedarkside
That’s telling him!

To: Third Person

Hey Joe, at least we do not get paid to show off our stupidity.

4 posted on Wednesday, June 13, 2012 8:10:16 AM byStayingawayfromthedarkside
That’s telling him again!

To: Third Person

Hey Joe, at least we do not get paid to show off our stupidity.

6 posted on Wednesday, June 13, 2012 8:10:25 AM byStayingawayfromthedarkside
I have to assume that you’re doing it for free.

To: Third Person

Hey Joe, at least we do not get paid to show off our stupidity.

7 posted on Wednesday, June 13, 2012 8:10:53 AM byStayingawayfromthedarkside
Fuck. At least L. Ron Hubbard got paid a penny a word to show off his stupidity.
Kibitzer? Take Stayingawayfromthedarkside back to his toxic waste-of-time drum and plop him back in – he’s not done yet.

To: Third Person

And what’s this nonsense about being in mom’s basement? I do believe that the Tea Party and conservatives skew OLDER, not younger.

I can’t understand it! I keep hitting the “Post” button and nothing’s happening!

Alot of retirees trying to hang onto their savings and middle-aged people with jobs. He’s got us mixed up with the Occupiers.

10 posted on Wednesday, June 13, 2012 8:14:32 AM bymiss marmelstein
Um – the Occupiers get out of their “parents’ basements” and Occupy public places. That’s why they’re called “Occupiers”. You’ve got them mixed up with your yelling-at-clouds brigade.

To: Third Person

The Republicans (conservatives) I know are members of the ‘Productive Class’.

They understand how to create value and generate economic growth.


They don’t do that from their ‘mother’s basement’.
Joe “Chocker” Scarborough is a dumbass.

15 posted on Wednesday, June 13, 2012 8:20:04 AM bygriswold3 (Big Government does not tolerate rivals.)
To: Third Person

I’d like to hear Joe talk about his dead aide.

13 posted on Wednesday, June 13, 2012 8:17:10 AM bynolongerademocrat (“Before you ask G-d for something, first thank G-d for what you already have.” B’rachot 30b)
Hit him with your bag of Chee-tos – that’ll show him!
And now –the punch line.

To: Third Person

That description just doesn’t work with conservatives, JOEY BOY. It is absolutely perfect for left wingers…and to think I voted for this asswipe twice

27 posted on Wednesday, June 13, 2012 8:30:00 AM byRed Badger (Think logically. Act normally…)
More tomtoolery after the Wall.

So – how’s that push to try to blame Obama for inheriting the economy that the greedheads wrecked?
That badly?
The barber takes a poll!

Poll: More blame Bush than Obama (for the country’s ongoing economic problem)
Politico ^ | 06/14/2012 | Tim Mak

Posted on Thursday, June 14, 2012 6:17:58 AM bySeekAndFind

Americans continue to place more blame for the country’s ongoing economic problems on former President George W. Bush than on President Barack Obama, a new survey shows.

Though Bush has been out of office for nearly three and a half years, 68 percent blame him a “great deal” or “moderate amount” for the nation’s economic woes, according to aGallup poll released Thursday. Meanwhile, 52 percent of Americans believe the same about Obama. There exists a partisan divide on who blames who for the current economic distress, but Republicans are more willing to blame Bush than Democrats are willing to blame Barack Obama.

In fact, 49 percent of Republicans said Bush was greatly or moderately responsible for America’s economic woes, compared to 51 percent who said he wasn’t. On the other hand, 19 percent of Democrats blame Obama for the current distress, while 81 percent say he is “not much” or “not at all” responsible.

Obama’s share of the blame has been relatively steady over the past three years: since 2010, between 48 percent and 53 percent of Americans have blamed him for the economic problems facing the United States.

1 posted on Thursday, June 14, 2012 6:18:14 AM bySeekAndFind

To: SeekAndFind

The truth is that, people WOULD blame Obama, but they also do NOT want to be accused with the “r” word.


3 posted on Thursday, June 14, 2012 6:19:35 AM byBiggirl (“Jesus talked to us as individuals”-Jim Vicevich/Thanks JimV!)
Yeah – that’s gotta be it. I mean, what other explanation is there?

To: SeekAndFind

Also because GWB became a RINO over time.

5 posted on Thursday, June 14, 2012 6:20:58 AM byBiggirl (“Jesus talked to us as individuals”-Jim Vicevich/Thanks JimV!)
But but but – he’s Commander Codpiece! The bulge in your flightsuits! The ground in your standyourground!

To: SeekAndFind

A tree falls on my house.

Because an inept contractor cut it down, causing it to fall on my house.

I hire a contractor to fix my roof.

This contractor spends the next few months talking with me, planning and is being a really nice guy, but the roof is still not fixed.

because there’s still a tree lying on it.

I will go out and hireanother contractor. the same contractor who cut the tree down in the first place, since he’s obviously dependable.


15 posted on Thursday, June 14, 2012 6:31:20 AM byErik Latranyi (When religions have to beg the gov’t for a waiver, we are already under socialism.)
And of course, when all else fails, shoot the messenger.

To: SeekAndFind

Survey Methods
Results for this Gallup poll are based on telephone interviews conducted June 7-10, 2012, with a random sample of 1,004 adults, aged 18 and older, living in all 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia.

Who are these people that have nothing better to do?

40 posted on Thursday, June 14, 2012 7:49:43 AM byBO Stinkss
YEAH! Theycould be sitting in their houses typing screeds on a fringe right-wing website!
That would be a productive use of their time.
Next up – a quickie –No Honkeys!!

Ohio: Romney Campaign Bus Drives Circles Around Obama Speech Site Honking Its Horn ^ | 14 Jun 2012 | Weasel Zippers

Posted on Thursday, June 14, 2012 1:39:48 PM byseanmerc

Via CBS News’ Mark Knoller

This is pretty hilarious.
If you’re twelve years old…

I wonder how Rat-style medicine tastes to the Rats.
Yeah – I remember vividly Obama’s bus circling McCain events and honking its horn.
And of course, there was that time Obama put a whoopee cushion under McCain’s seat.
Oddly, no one noticed it…

It’s time to out-Axelrod Axelrod! As one of the commenters said, this ain’t the McCain campaign.
1 posted on Thursday, June 14, 2012 1:40:01 PM byseanmerc
It’s much stupider, for one thing.

To: seanmerc

Obama’s comment on this: “See? I told you Romney was the candidate of the Honkies!”

4 posted on Thursday, June 14, 2012 1:43:01 PM by17th Miss Regt
And there you have it.

To: seanmerc

Brilliant move by the Romney Campaign.

Now, they just need to get a louder horn and a whole crowd of people with handheld air horns, noisemakers and firecrackers for whenever Obama speaks.

7 posted on Thursday, June 14, 2012 1:45:24 PM byUncle Slayton

To: seanmerc

should have been blaring the theme to “Shaft” as well.

8 posted on Thursday, June 14, 2012 1:45:44 PM byTurboZamboni (Looting the future to bribe the present)
I amSO glad we’re living in a post-racial society. Aren’t you?

To: seanmerc

Could it be, that Mittens will take the gloves off and really campaign?

12 posted on Thursday, June 14, 2012 1:49:29 PM byswamprebel (Where liberty dwells, there is my country.)
Sounds like. In fact, thousands of campaign volunteers are filling water baloons even as we speak!

To: seanmerc
Pretty childish. I know the rats pull this crap
Remember when Kerry drove Dubya’s bus into the swimming pool?

and I hate it whenthey the GOP does ittoo.
FIFY again.

Really don’t want to see us descend totheir our level… would rather elevate the conversation.
Let’s talk about the homosexualists, shall we?

Frankly, let Obama talk… he’s burying himself.
And you’re burying the irony meter – in the red.

“In that case,” said Napoleon, “let us wait twenty minutes; when the enemy is making a false movement we must take good care not to interrupt him.”

15 posted on Thursday, June 14, 2012 1:50:39 PM bypgyanke (Republicans get in trouble when not living up to their principles. Democrats… when they do.)
Always good advice.

To: seanmerc

What a bunch of clowns. The media will have a field day with this. While I think it is funny the vast majority of the public that is uninformed by the MSM will see this as Romney behaving unpresidential. He needs to stay out of the news.

26 posted on Thursday, June 14, 2012 2:05:14 PM by3rdcoastislander


They need to drop off about a dozen clowns,

Well, the primariesare over…

with donughts maybe, and run around with bicycle horns and buckets of confetti. You know pretend like they are throwing water but its really confetti. They could explain later that it was symbolic of waking up the dimwit sheeple.

29 posted on Thursday, June 14, 2012 2:06:38 PM byLeep (Enemy of the Statist)
Or explain why voters should trust them to be serious about fixing the economy…

To: seanmerc


If true.

30 posted on Thursday, June 14, 2012 2:07:13 PM byBenLurkin (This is not a statement of fact. It is either opinion or satire; or both)

To: seanmerc

How about

“Gee, men are dying today in Afghanistan, the entire middle east is a powder keg, Europe is poised to slide the world into depression, millions of Americans are jobless, others are hoarding food, obama drones are patrolling our skies, highways and farms watching all of us.

So… lets go drive Romney buses around an obama speech and honk horns! So no one can hear the president’s lies, just our idiocy!”

Yeah, how mature, how thoughtful, how FUN! How focused on the issues. This will really attract those voters looking for a candidate with the gravitas to save our nation.

I swear, are these Romney men thinking they are smart and funny?

Well, them and the majority of the Freeperati on this thread.

Guess you guys have more in common than you imagined.

Romney’s ICK factor just went up again due to his questionable advisors.

34 posted on Thursday, June 14, 2012 2:12:39 PM bysilverleaf (Every human spent about half an hour as a single cell)
Like that’spossible.
Well, that’s enough for one trip to the toolshed.
The comments have been sparse of late, so (as I have already dispatched the duckling), I’m gonna have to put Precious Kitty on the block.
Animals 001
Let’s see some comments, or Dead Kitty gets it.
(I’m immune to her laser vision)
I’m not bluffing!

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15 thoughts on “Today on Tommy T’s Obsession with the Freeperati – Ship Of Tools edition

  1. Greywolf says:

    Thanks, Tommy. A fun read as always.

  2. azportsider says:

    No, Tommy! Not the kitteh!
    I liked this bit: “Hey Joe, at least we do not get paid to show off our stupidity.”
    Not only are they displaying their idiocy for free, some of them arepaying for the privilege. Wotta a bunch maroons!

  3. left rev., proud cheesehead says:

    The tree that blew down in my front yard last night displays more political acumen than the vast majority of these folks.
    I love this feature, but every time I read it, I get depressed and wonder how the hell we can possibly be losing to these people.

  4. terry says:

    Bass guitar stings.

  5. Tommy T says:

    If you play a Rick with a pick using Rotosounds, why yes – they do sting.

  6. Razor Eddie says:

    …every time I read it, I get depressed and wonder how the hell we can possibly be losing to these people.
    Lately, it’s because they’ve been working their tails off to make it harder for anyone but them to vote.
    Voter registration laws
    Voter purges
    They subscribe to the theory “If you can’t win a fair fight, don’t fight fair.”

  7. Razor Eddie says:

    Whups, forgot to close my italics tag.
    Need more coffee.

  8. David Terrenoire says:

    OK, OK, here’s my comment. I appreciate the fact that you delve into this toxic sludge every week just for my amusement. I’m not sure I would have the stomach for it. That much hateful stupidity just makes me depressed.

  9. David Terrenoire says:

    And what’s with the italics?

  10. Scott S. says:

    The ten-million decibel stupidity blaring out of the Scarborough thread is just delightful. 🙂

  11. Razor Eddie says:

    Wow, I managed to break the italics tag for everyone!

  12. Tommy T says:

    Razor Eddie broke the internets.


  13. Dee Loralei says:

    Thanks TommyT! Those laser eyes are killer!

  14. MapleStreet says:

    Given enough time (and progression of politics) for the FR crowd’s argument to be generally anc instantly accepted, prima fascia (?sic?), as inherently humorous displays of stupidity…
    Wonder if there could be a future book with a title denoting collective, mass stupidity. Taking these weekly columns and comparing them with what was actually true.
    Of course, you’d have to heavily make sure that you wouldn’t be liable in any way, shape, or form, for the need to pay FR or the posters for the use of their “intellectual property” / words.

  15. Kibitzer 2006 says:

    It’s “prima facie”, Latin for “at first face”, and should be written in italics. Eventually it may become Anglicized to either “prima facia” or “prima fascia”, written without italics.
    Now that Razor Eddie broke the internets, we can use any of those at will.

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