One thought on “Saturday Night Music: Smack Dab In The Middle

  1. True story.
    One night about 10 years ago, I was driving around San Francisco and had on the “hip” radio station with its equally “hip” deejay–Rick!–who to my mind was anything but. Anyway, he had the question of the night, which I can’t remember but whose answer was, indubitably, Ry Cooder. I called and called and called, but couldn’t get through, but nobody who did get through could get it. “Lots of calls, but nobody’s got the answer!” The prize was tickets to a show I’d like to have gone to, so I pretty much gave a shit. Finally, “Rick” says, “Okay, how about this: the name rhymes with ‘computer’.” Oh, yeah, Ry Cooder! Sorry, but it wasn’t me.
    I have another Ry Cooder story, but it’s kind of sad, so I’ll leave it for my funeral.

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