Do It For The Ponies

Remember the official First Draft pony? Back a million years ago when Holden and I decided we needed a pony to symbolize Bush’s ever-diminishing hopes for a rise in his poll numbers, our pal Jay designed us our very own pony, Fluffit:

You wouldn’t want to make Fluffit sad, would you?

Jay’s competing for a small business grant so he can open a comic, toy and game store and spread fun and joy in the Milwaukee suburbs where fun and joy are in short supply. It’s called Nerdvana. Because that’s awesome.

Youl don’t have to give any money.You just have to click.He needs 250 votes to qualify for consideration. I know at least 250 of you enjoyed that pony. So go sign up, search for Nerdvana, and VOTE. Tell your friends.

We can make this happen. For the ponies.


8 thoughts on “Do It For The Ponies

  1. Done! I think we’ve got the awake at 2 a.m. vote locked up! What about the rest of ya?!

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