ACA Upheld

Apparently the court saw the individual mandate as a tax, which made it Constitutional. Unless you’re a teawad, in which case all taxes are theft and this is no more valid than any other tax. I’ll bring the ammo to the bunker if you bring the Cheetos.

Roberts voted with the liberals to make it a 5-4 decision.

This will ensure that young people can remain on their parents’ insurance longer, that people can no longer be kicked off their insurance the moment they get sick, and that millions more people will have access to health insurance.

Which is better than not having access to health insurance, but is not access to health CARE. We have more work as a society to do. Lots more.


4 thoughts on “ACA Upheld

  1. When Scalia yesterday threw his little tantrum on the immigration ruling, I was puzzled. With this ruling, this is now explained. He was pissed that hew was not going to get his way on healthcare.
    What a whiny little child.

  2. I find myself recalling that Russ Feingold voted to affirm Roberts, that he got a lot of flak for that vote, and he justified it by saying that people he knew from Harvard law school had told him that Roberts was basically a good guy and would generally do the right thing, etc.
    Russ will drive you crazy (see Recall, Walker), and it is only one SCOTUS vote, but…

  3. Well, let us remember our hostess’s directive: It never ends. The GOP is going to try to repeal. Dance in the end zone today if you like, and I hoist a beer in your direction if you do, but bright and early tomorrow we need to start fixing what’s still wrong with health care (and everything else) in this country. In politics, at least, the best defense is still a good offense.

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