Instant analysis

I’m pleased to be right about the decision but surprised that Kennedy wasn’t a swinger today. I was also tickled that Wolf and CNN not only dropped the ball but made lame excuses about why they did it. Y’all were in a hurry to be the first and that’s the reason, which ain’t no disgrace at all.

Finally, deferring to the legislative branch makes this a conservative decision in the best sense of the word. Roberts has joined the loony radical right wing of the Court more than a few times but this time he voted like a true conservative. I hear from our ambassador to the netherworld of the Freeperati, Tommy T, that they’re going batshit and blaming Dubya. I cannot wait for Monday.

That’s all.

11 thoughts on “Instant analysis

  1. Yes, my least favorite Fox News anchor of all time, the oleaginous suckup Bill Hemmer, took a faceplant on this one as well.

  2. Even though I realize that the repubs surely have a backup plan of gutting it from a republican congress and president, this news is deserving of world-wide fireworks and celebration.
    Ditto to the comments on Tommy. I’m gonna love hearing the wingers go insane on this.

  3. The GOP has the votes in the House, They should impeach Roberts.

  4. And yet, it’s still a crappy bill … but right now, I don’t care! Little Johnny Bobby did the right thing.

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