Weekend Question Thread

It’s been 90-100 in Chicago all week with no sign of letting up anytime soon. My plan is to go to the movies as much as possible, with long periods of sitting on the back porch aggressively not moving.

What do you do to beat the heat?


20 thoughts on “Weekend Question Thread

  1. The same thing I do for every other problem. Get toasted. Niiiiicely toasted.

  2. Ice cream!
    We also go to the movies…
    And a Pimm’s cup goes down nicely at the end of a hot day!

  3. Visiting NYC this weekend and it’s so hot I am sweating like a P-I-G pig. Stopping frequently at Irish pubs for water, beer and A/C. Now at Molly Wee Pub, heading North on 8th Ave when I take this last sip o Smithwicks. I think it’s hotter’n shit here, and I live in Louisiana.

  4. Made it 40 feet up 8th Ave. before I stopped againg. Hell,, I might never see another Irish joint named Blarney Stone!!

  5. I lived for many years in southern California, maybe three miles from the ocean. So except for a half dozen days in summer, there really was no need for an air conditioner.
    On those half dozen days when it would get to upper 80s or 90s, I’d wet down a t-shirt and then put in on and sit near a fan so that the fan could cool me as the moisture evaporated.

  6. Dr. A, that cat at Napolean House who looks like Jim Croce stirs up a damn fine Pimms…

  7. Lucky to have decent central air and ten foot ceilings at the house. Add a cold Rasputin stout — or eight — and life’s ok, though last night not one, but two large roaches somehow snuck in.
    Thank heavens the cat notices and kills pretty efficiently, but I’m still wondering where they entered. Grrr…

  8. What if roaches in your neighborhood have mastered teleportation?!?!?!
    Whatcha gonna do now, Orkin?

  9. see the Avengers. It’s so dense, you can sit through it twice and on the second sitting get more of the jokes and references and visual puns.
    also Tom Hiddleston is f*cking hot.

  10. If I had some heat to beat I would beat it by going to the beach where there is always a breeze or swimming in the lake and eating vast quantities of fruit. 64 degrees with light rain at the mo.
    Y’all have my sympathy.

  11. no ac, soi stay up past 2am with windows open on the 1st floor to cool down as much as possible, close shit up in morning. turn fans on. get wet. hop in shower in underwear. wash hair. get hair wet, keep bra wet. shirt wet if it gets worse. be lazy. real hot? go in basement. eat frozen applesauce. have iced coffee. ooh i make good frozen coffee. get wet again.

  12. I’m finding that flying to Portland, OR is a fantastic way to beat the heat. Currently 66F.

  13. We are going to stay just where we are. We left New England a little over ten years ago, because it was just too hot there in the summer, and summer seemed to start earlier (sometimes in April) and run later (sometimes into October) every year. We moved to the other end of I-90 and have since wondered why anyone ever considers retiring to a warmer climate when warmer climates seem to be coming to everyone everywhere, except around here in the northwest.
    We’ll see if it gets up to 60F today.
    P.S. This year looks better for July 4th. Last year there was a line around the block running out of the Starbucks with parents getting hot cocoa to keep their kids warm for the fireworks.
    P.P.S. I’m not trying to generate envy here. It’s just that we were suffering horribly back east, and it seems every summer we get reminded why we moved as soon as we could do so.

  14. When I was in college, I lived for a couple semesters in a dorm without air conditioning. So during August, I took 3-5 ice-cold showers a day.

  15. Thankfully, I was able to put air conditioning in the house last year. I might just have to send a thank you note to that company. I have an older house, so there were some challenging aspects to the job

  16. I moved to beautiful British Columbia where it was about 60 degrees today and we get hardly any snow in winter.

  17. My sweetie and I are in New Orleans…sadly not drinking near enough adult beverages, but having a great time, despite the sweltering climes. I have been pleasantly surprised at my handling of the heat and humidity, considering the now-year spent in dry old L.A.. I am also having a better time of walking around here (even in this heat) w/o huffing and puffing, looks like my L.A. problems w/that are altitude-induced. My body has proven to me on this vacation that sea-level is where I need to be.

  18. Stay hydrated. IF it’s too humid for a swamp cooler to work, try a bandana around your neck — only wrap the bandana around some double-zip-lock-bagged crushed ice before you tie it around your neck.

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