Privatization Fixes Everything!

Just ask the London Olympics!

G4S had been expected to recruit a staff of about 10,400 as part of a total security force of 23,700 for the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The contractor said this week that while 4,000 are already at work across 100 venues, more than 9,000 are still going through the training and vetting process.

In a statement Saturday, the company said it had “encountered significant difficulties in processing applicants in sufficient numbers through the necessary training, vetting and accreditation procedures. As a result, we will be unable to deliver all of the necessary workforce numbers.”

Okay. It’s not like you didn’t know the Olympics were coming. I mean, they plan these things rather well in advance.And it’s not like people aren’t looking for work in the UK just about as frantically as they are here.

G4S signed the contract with Locog in 2010 to supply 2,000 security staff to work at Olympic venues.

In December 2011, the Games organisers asked the company to provide some 8,000 more, bringing the total to approximately 10,000 staff.

At which point the company could have looked at those numbers and said, “um, no fucking way,” and everybody would have lived their lives just fine, but instead they promised what they couldn’t deliver, and only figured out 10 days ago that they couldn’t deliver it.

I swear, the more I get to know about private industry the more confidence I have in the efficiency of the public sector.


3 thoughts on “Privatization Fixes Everything!

  1. All of the executive will get their massive bonuses, or they already have received massive pay increases.
    Is that the “silent hand” digging around in my pants, are you just happy to see me?
    Rewarding failure and incompetence isn’t just an American thang…

  2. this has to be the poster child of privatization.
    OMG, the utah olympic unis were made in BURMA???? mitt rhymes w/ shit.

  3. OTOH, I bet the branding police are well-stocked.
    Rewarding failure and incompetence isn’t just an American thang…
    It’s surprising (or not) that a lot of the privatization business has been imported from the Thatcher years.

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