Just A Thought

This is a 100-round magazine for 5.56 x 45 mm ammunition.

You do not need that. No one outside of an infantry engagement needs that.


That is all.*


*Cue gun fetishists telling me that I don’t know what I’m talking about, others accusing me of wanting the eeevil gub’mint to enslave us all, others saying that I’m a traitor to the Constitution, and still others rationalizing that this maniac would have murdered a dozen people with Matchbox cars if he hadn’t had 100 rounds of .223 Remington ammo at his disposal. Yes, I’ve been down this road before.

11 thoughts on “Just A Thought

  1. Never owned a gun, never will own a gun, never will need to own a gun. Hunting disgusts me, have no interest in target shooting, and own nothing worth killing another human being over.

  2. 100 rounds?
    This guy had purchased 6,000 rounds online, about half of them for use with the AR-15 he purchased (not to mention an even higher-capacity drum magazine for the same weapon).
    And all legal…

  3. This is the world the NRA wants; it has bought and paid for this.
    The NRA is a staunch branch of the Republican Party; intimidates politicians to create a world where the sane and insane can purchase weapons to slaughter humanity.
    Many Democrats are cowed by the NRA and it’s ability to raise huge amounts of funds for Republicans. Besides, who wants to be “against guns” and be called a limp-wristed commie?
    The NRA has won. There will be no anti-gun legislation. Obama will not fight that battle. It cannot be won in today’s environment.
    I wish civil rights leaders would pool their money and send massive amounts of young, black and young, hispanic males into Wal-Marts across the nation to LEGALLY buy cheap handguns and lots of ammunition — DAY AFTER DAY AFTER DAY.
    When there are lines of minorities buying weapons at the nation’s Wal-Mart stores, then you will see calls for purchasE restrictions.

  4. Yeah, I brought this up with a co-worker. He said people need these clips for the firing range. It’s a sport/hobby, he said.
    They have every excuse in the book, I tells ya.

  5. I think the standard issue magazine on an infantry M16 is 30 rounds so this thing is designed for pure crazy.

  6. Correct: A STANAG magazine holds 30 rounds of 5.56 x 45 mm ammunition. Now, there are 60- and 100-round mags that some people buy for specialized applications, but most everyone who holds an M16 variant for the US military gets 30-round mags.

  7. LOL Diane. My standard response when someone else says, in a gun control discussion “but…the hunters!” goes something like this: Almost everyone in my family hunts. None of them uses an AK-47. If you need a semi-automatic or automatic weapon to hunt, you are a sad, pathetic excuse for a hunter and you should hang it up and take up a different hobby.

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