Fuck Yeah Olympians!


Ordinarily the Summer Olympics do nothing for me. The attention on gymnastics has always bordered on creepy for me, and nothing else really grabs me as much as ice hockey and skating do, but I’m gonna be trying to find Nur Suryani’s event and watch it, because what a badass.


5 thoughts on “Fuck Yeah Olympians!

  1. If you like ice hockey, you might try the soccer matches. Soccer is actually pretty similar to hockey, just on a bigger playing field. Since the Olympic tournament is basically a mini-World Cup, the play is really high-quality.
    Also, since the US men’s team didn’t make the Olympics, the networks are giving the women’s tournament a lot of airtime…even though they don’t wear skimpy outfits like volleyball. They are just really impressive atheletes who happen to be women.

  2. As I’ve gotten older and crankier and more interested in public policy, I have trouble watching the Olympics because the IOC is the suxxors and the spectacle of cities chasing a money-losing (for everyone but the sponsors) event is really depressing.
    But I try to separate that from amazement at the athletes themselves. A, if you haven’t heard of him, check out OPRF grad and “flying squirrel” inventor Ellis Coleman. He’s got an amazing story—he’s from a poor Austin (the neighborhood) family, and his mom used Section 8 to move to Oak Park. Coleman ended up under OPRF’s brilliant wrestling coach, and now he’s in the Olympics.
    I realize that Olympic wrestling is kinda boring to watch, but the flying squirrel is legitimately spectacular.

  3. if they don’t show archery + have endless fucking beach volleyball. i HATE/LOATHE NBC’s chick coverage. I WANT JIM MCKAY + ABC’s FOCUS ON SPORT.

  4. Personally, I recognize the extreme skill of the athletes and find the uncertainty of head to head racing exciting.
    At the same time, I can’t get caught up in the idea that winning an Olympic event makes a given country the best ever. (Especially when I muse that the Olympic Powerhouses could be so by extreme and less than reputable means).
    I also am somewhat turned off to the Olympics as the line between a professional and amateur athlete is so shady. Not to mention the pressure on the athletes to do anything (whether legal or not) in order to gain those big commercial endorsements after the event.

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