Mitt’s bullshit in a china shop tour


Leave it to Mitt Romney to screw up a ceremonial visit to the UK. He has even made two of the poshest Tories angry: both Cameron and Boris Johnson have taken shots at him and the London Mayor even mocked him publicly:

The Boris Johnson thing is particularly funny because he is legendary for his gaffes. He’s kind of like Bertie Wooster with Donald Trump’s hair; only without Bertie’s dim sweetness. What ho, Boris. What ho, Willard. I wonder what Bingo Little is up to nowadays…

The Romney team, in the person of Governor PBJ, has pushed back and said that they don’t give a shit about what them consarn furriners think. But, of course, Mittbot has attacked Obama for harming America’s good name abroad. Blah, blah, blah. So, it’s just another flip flop. I get dizzy just thinking about them…

It astonishes me that any GOP nominee could piss off the Tories. They have longstanding ties to the Republican party just like Labour and the Dems. Speaking of Labour, Mitt seemed to have trouble remembering Ed Miliband’s name and kept calling him Mr. Leader. It was a blown opportunity for Romney to appear human since Miliband is known to be as stiff and lacking in a common touch as the Mittster himself. Birds of a feather shit in one another’s nest or something like that. At least Mitt didn’t call him Mr. Socialist Left Wing Leader or Red Ed. Of course, to say the latter he’d have to know his name. Never mind.

This whole episode illustrates the folly of a corporate CEO type running for President. Romney is used to issuing orders and having them followed. He treats everyone like an employee and always, always knows best. In the unlikely event he ever gets to the White House, he’ll sit there in utter frustration because only his staff and, perhaps, Refalca the dressage horse, will leap when he beckons.

The Guardian has an hilarious compendiumof all the walking diplomatic incident’s gaffes; including a grading scale. I give it 10 out of 10…

One thought on “Mitt’s bullshit in a china shop tour

  1. Love the link to the list of Romey’s gaffes. Even as a CEO type AND ESPECIALLY AS MAJOR FIGURE IN SALT LAKE CITY OLYMPICS, you’d think he’d know that in the midst of the opening / prelim events, the only acceptable thing to do is praise the Olympics with the idea of getting more people to come out and take part in the festivities (even if only in non-official events outside of the olympics). In today’s world, criticizing the security is almost tantamount to making a bomb threat.
    As to CEO candidate, anyone reminded of Ross Perrot? (How both charmed their audiences such as speeches before the NAACP?)
    Anyway the dems could make that image take hold?

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