A Jury of Her Peers

I’m gonna try this reasoning the next time I can’t convince a boss to give me a raise:

After review of CEO compensation of other publicly-traded newspaper companies, the ECC concluded that Ms. Junck’s compensation, including equity-based compensation, is substantially below that of her peers in the newspaper industry. …The ECC believes that the Company’s stockholders will benefit from linking Ms. Junck’s compensation to appreciation in the value of the Company’s common stock.

Just hours after Junck received her latest bonus, she and her associates laid off four editors at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch after the journalists finished their Thursday shifts.

On the one hand, it’s Lee stock, so it’s not like it’ll be worth a ton of money once she’s done with the company.

On the other, since when is it an argument that would pass muster with playground children that everybody else in the fail club known as “newspaper company CEOs” is making more money, you deserve more?

I swear if you shitcanned every single member of that group, you would immediately have about a billion dollars for journalism and journalists, and nobody would really even notice they were gone.