Cranking the Loony Meter Straight Up to Eleven


Really? Really?

This is just plain stupid — comparing an insurance mandate to cover contraception costs to Yamamoto’s decision to attack Pearl Harbor — and it should be reported as stupid, ridiculous, and insulting, and not just by the blogs or partisan media.

Family planning is basic to modern society, and contraception is basic to family planning. Additionally, insurance premiums aren’t some sort of tribute paid to insurance companies as testament to their awesomeness.

Besides, insurance companies benefit as well, since covering pregnancies, and particularly unplanned pregnancies, cost more than covering birth control.

Allowing mental midgets like Mike Kelly to hide behind a stupid and childish interpretation of some bizarro religious moral argument amounts to his own imposition of morality on all of us. He and the others making this asinine “argument” should be called out on this and ridiculed as not being fit to represent any element of modern society…

2 thoughts on “Cranking the Loony Meter Straight Up to Eleven

  1. I am sure that Kelly would have compared it to the Holocaust, if the Holocaust happened on a day…and if he believed it ever happened.
    The good news is that his aids convinced him that chanting “Remember remember the 5th of November” was a bad idea given how shabby the Brits were to Romney last week.

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