7 thoughts on “‘We’ve got wheels down on Mars’

  1. The world would be a better place if we all were able to do what we were made to do.
    It’s wonderful to see young, old, men, women scientists in that room.

  2. I was watching this live last nite and it reminded me of when we stepped foot on the moon. The pure anxiety, apprehension and then all out excitement as they first got confirmation that the booster has separated, then all the other points along the way until they knew it landed. I’m in awe of these scientists and engineers who do this stuff.

  3. Maybe NASA is getting its act together. Maybe all that putzing around with the space station is paying off in figuring out how to get electromechanical doohickies to work in space. Last month I was biting my nails for NuSTAR a small X ray satellite that relied on unfurling a long X ray “lens” once it got into orbit, shucked its shroud and all that. It sounded impossible. Surely the shroud would get stuck. The mechanism would fail to slide because the lubricant would fail in a vacuum. Mankind is not ready for Rube Goldberg in space.
    But it worked. That gave me hope for Curiosity.
    Curiosity sure sounded like a serious doohickie with dozens of obvious failure points. I couldn’t even tune in until a half an hour after the landing. What a relief! Then I kept sneaking peeks and trying to see the handful of early images. The NASA site was swamped. Their iPhone app still had the teaser for the upcoming landing. So much for technological marvels. I finally went to sleep, but XKCD nailed it. I should have tried BitTorrent.

  4. I liked a commenter on another blog pointing out that NASA if govt and they do a good job.
    vs – govt can’t do anything right.

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