9 thoughts on “‘Negroidal’

  1. Somebody ask this guy ‘How do you think your groceries got onto the shelves? Who do you think put them there?’

  2. And now I want a Negroni…but I guess that isn’t what they meant now is it?

  3. So if his “religion” is so important, why isn’t this guy shopping at the super-special “kosher for white supremists” grocery store that guarentees that no black person has ever touched the food in the entire production process?
    I can’t decide if it’s because no such thing exists because there aren’t enough stupid people to make that a viable business model or if it’s because his real point is to belittle black people and cause trouble.

  4. 1) If he didn’t want the guy bagging his food, all he had to do was say that he prefers to bag his own groceries. It sounds like he wanted to offend the worker by using a racial slur and thought he was being crafty by slightly changing the word.
    2) It seems quite a stretch to make the chain of associations from the Caste System to the Vedics to a belief to a “Creed”. (Let’s see, I believe in God the Father… /sarcasm)
    Make sure to see the link that is supplied in the linked article. Has a little on this guy’s background. Doesn’t exactly look like an altar boy.

  5. This is East Texas.
    East Texas is a remnant of The Deep South. (Yeah, I realize non-Texans think all of Texas is, but not true.)
    Another East Texas town you probably remember: Jasper

  6. Vedism? DeWitt R. Thomas? I don’t think so…
    But that aside, his pathetic claim about “his property” because he paid doesn’t work either. Most grocery stores bag your items before you pay, at least in my experience.

  7. The reporter writes the story entertainingly, laying out the protagonists’ quotes in a “check out THIS shit!” tone. The customer isn’t presented as having a reasonable case; he’s a racist clown, with the emphasis on both words.

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