Adrastos Shrugged

The wingnuts have been waving their dicks around since the 2 R ticket was born last weekend. They’re thrilled about Eddie Munster providing some so called ideas and intellectual heft to the ticket. The MSM trills over Ryan’s courageous ideas, which in CW-speak means unpopular and perhaps even toxic. The rest of the country, like me, shrugged.

If you’re not a political junkie, Paul Ryan is an obscure Congressman from cheese country with an Irish name and a blonde wife. He’s yet another in a long line of fake men of the people. He’s from a well connected and well off family of contractors who made their nut on guvmint work.

Ryan is yet another fake outsider who exalts the private sector without ever actually having worked in it. He’s the perfect fake 21st Century Gooper populist.

Speaking of fake, he’s also a fake “objectivist,” which is what the followers of the boring, windy and didactic scribblings of Ayn Rand call her “philosophy.” Said “philosophy” is largely an intellectual justification for selfishness, rudeness and ruthlessness. The only ness left off that list is Eliot…

Until recently, Ryan nattered on endlessly about Rand and her influence on him. His stated reason for the public “break up” is her atheism but I suspect he realized that her “philosophy” was a political dead end because it’s repellent to anyone with half an ounce of decency. Additionally, all the “objectivists” in public life are big fat hypocrites: they’re libertarians, such as Ryan and the Pauls, who support all kinds of big guvmint intrusions. I refuse to take anyone’s libertarianism seriously when they’re for the personhood amendment; especially those like Ryan who co-sponsored it.

The essential dynamic of the 2012 campaign remains the same. Yeah, Rushbo and Dr. Laura are happier but other Republicans are worried about Ryan’s impact on down ballot races. His “profile in courage” on Medicare isn’t going to go down well in Florida, which I think will start drifting into the Obama column. Substance matters and the Ryan “budget” is the co-rexit of substance.

Finally, there has been a lot of good stuff written about Ryan’s faux positivism and Ayn Rand fetish so here are some linkeroos:

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7 thoughts on “Adrastos Shrugged

  1. Can’t wait to hear the Romney camp harp on “You didn’t build it.” as well repeating Romney’s claim that the President should have X years business experience.
    In any case, this choice shows that they have really drunk the Kool=Aid of priveledged Affluence for the few.

    Jesus. Do wingnuts realize that in fiction, writers can make stuff turn out however they want???

  3. Ryan is best remembered by me as the guy who convinced W to spend his reelection capital in 2005 on persuading us all that funneling our Social Security contribution to the Big Casino on Wall Street was a really really good idea.
    So ending Medicare and Medicaid, privatizing Social Security, and criminalizing contraception, would just be a beginning for this visionary zombie eyed granny starver.

  4. Don’t you wish they’d just go Galt? Hell, I’d give ’em a big swath of land in/around Kansas/Oklahoma/Texas and let’s see how long they’d last. My guess — not much past mid-winter.

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