Romney and the Birthers: Jokes are Funny

Listen. This isn’t a “joke,” USA Today:

Mitt Romney made a birth certificate joke today, prompting President Obama’s campaign to accuse him of lining up with the so-called “birther” movement.

During an appearance in his native Michigan today, Romney said: “No one has ever asked to see my birth certificate — they know that this was the place we were born and raised.”

That isn’t a joke. It’s a nasty crack designed to appeal to racist freakjobs, and nothing about it is funny. While I appreciate the reporting of this as though it’s important — it is — the word “joke” is an implication to let Romney off the hook because hee hee, just kidding lol!


9 thoughts on “Romney and the Birthers: Jokes are Funny

  1. I think we need to ask for Romney’s birth certificate to prove he wasn’t born on some alien planet. After all, his cult… er… religion notes extra-terrestrial ties…

  2. I speak racist-freakjob.
    That translates to “n*gger-n*gger-African-n*gger!”
    So do all those welfare-dogwhistle lies he’s been spewing.
    I suppose it would be snarkily appropriate to make cracks about Romney’s background, but it seems rather insensitive to all the other (intelligent, honest) Mormons that I know.

  3. If Obama were to make a “joke” about polygamy and Romney’s Mormon heritage, the right would dissolve go into an absolute frenzy of outrage, and I suspect USA Today wouldn’t be far behind.
    The fact that the birther crap is allowed to slide is just one more sad proof that this country still averts it’s eyes from our sad and deep history of racism.

  4. When his dad was running for President, plenty of people were “asking about his birth certificate”, because George was born in Mexico (in Mormon polygamy colonies) to American citizen parents. Nobody was quite sure if he was eligible.
    Maybe somebody should ask Mitt about his dad’s qualifications.

  5. It was just a joke – lighten up!
    President Obama at his next campaign stop :
    “Hey – Michelle is always making sure I’m dressed for the occasion – she never lets me wear holey underwear!” (loud laugh from crowd)
    Later, to reporters :
    “Hey – I wasn’t referring to Mitt Romney – I was just talking about me.”

  6. I can understand the racist and the crazies voting for absolutely anyone because of their lunatic hatred of Obama, but I cannot fathom why anyone with even an ounce of critical thinking ability could look at this GOP ticket and really want to put these idiots in charge. I’ve got a bumper sticker idea for the DNC: “Romney/Ryan: It’s like Bush/Cheney without the intelligence or compassion.”

  7. Obvioiusly invoking the idea that Obama isn’t American.
    Also, I seem to remember a few months back that there was a group asking for Romney’s birth certificate. So the statement is also a lie.

  8. Chris Hayes on UP this AM had an interesting take on Romney’s motivation for making the birther innuendoes:His real goal is to get us to over-react with harsh rhetoric. His Republican base would be more gratified by that than by the actual birther talk per se. A British Tory party member said yesterday that before Romney’s comments he wanted Barrack to win; now he wants Romney to lose.

  9. Is a joke really a joke if it is delivered completely without mirth? Look at Mitt’s face. No laughter in his delivery, more like a grimace, I would say. What a dick.

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