So Many Potential Sword Jokes

For some reason no one up until now has considered that Lancelot might be bi?

The first book in the series, June 2011’sLancelot And The Wolf, was rereleased for the Amazon Kindle, where it raced up the charts. However, a torrent of one-star reviews on first tipped off Mirador publishers that the issue may be more than a coincidence. The investigation that ensued revealed that all the reviews were posted in the same short time period and had similar anti-gay connotations, describing the series as “Twisted” “Perverted” and “Disgusting.” Not long afterwards similar hate emails began pouring into the publisher’s offices and to Luddington directly.

I think 90 percent of our sex problem is the need to put everybody in a box, and say you are straight, and you are gay, and we are friends, and we are In Love, and the most important thing is where you put your bits so that we know how to categorize you. I can’t tell you how many people argue that bisexuality doesn’t exist, like it’s just laziness or refusal to pick a side or something. What if there aren’t sides? What if it’s just love, either way?

I’ve actuallyread the original here, and I’m sorry, you tell me who Lancelot loved more. You tell me who Arthur loved more. The point is that they loved each other. Otherwise it’s just two guys waving their dicks around over a chick, and not a tragedy. Things like that are just a mess, and everybody involved would be far better off with a threesome than this CHOOSE ME OR HIM bullshit, and also who the hell on earth has a vested interest in keeping Lancelot straight anyway? Like what is the inherent win there for anybody except maybe Guinevere?


One thought on “So Many Potential Sword Jokes

  1. I think Mists of Avalon had them have a three way, although it freaked Lancelot out (one of them freaked out, anyway).
    But arguments about what “love” meant in those texts, the whole damn point is that it is a betrayal and a tragedy because all three loved each other.

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