DNC Final Crack Van Nooooooo

It can’t be over already! We still have half a jug of scotch in the back seat! 

I’m going to be at a convention-watch party but I’ll be in the van as much as I can because OMG KERRY. DeeLorelei may be checking in from Charlotte. Posts in the van belong to their posters, not to First Draft World HQ Inc. Pet the ferrets.

Update: van closed. Talk in comments amongst yourselves until I get home from this party and can gibber about Kerry some more because HOLY FUCKING SHIT MAN WALKS ON FUCKING MOON. Also there is this Obama dude who is pretty good at speeches.


6 thoughts on “DNC Final Crack Van Nooooooo

  1. A, can you post a transcript of the van where we can get it?
    That was a great van, thank again for hosting.

  2. msnbc director must have gone to the little persons’ rooom with the mighty montone and the ed talking over the benediction dude

  3. Chris Matthews seems to (finally) have a new mancrush.
    And as Mrs. Gummo says, once you go Barack, you never go back.

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