When Bill Clinton Talks…


…people listen.

Wheneven Faux News (warning — Faux News link) talks about “chrisma and eloquence” I guess it means one hell of a speech. And while I personally thought it ran a tad long…hey, what do I know?

Clinton’s a politician…but, as I mentioned a couple of days ago in the Crack Van, that’s ok…in contrast, the Redumblicans sound like sociopaths.

More reviews and commentshere, here, andhere. One last thing I’ll note is that while Democrats can take pride in Bill Clinton, the Rethugs have to hide their last president in the attic, lest anyone be reminded…

8 thoughts on “When Bill Clinton Talks…

  1. One of my favorite parts (and i had LOTS of favorite parts) about the whole thing IS that he went that long.
    More and more (and maybe rightly so) the broadcast networks have been cutting back on convention coverage (because the news networks are doing it, so why bother, etc). They’re down to one night of “prime time” per night, 9 PM to 10PM CDT.
    So it gets to 10PM, and Bill just keeps on talking; heck, he was just getting warmed up.
    ‘Cause what are the networks gonna do about it, take him off?! He’s Bill effing Clinton, fer chrissakes!

  2. “Democrats can take pride in Bill Clinton”
    We can all be proud of his repeal of Glass-Steagle, which helped pave the way for the financial meltdown of 2008, his gutting of welfare, Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and the Defense of Marriage Act, and of course NAFTA.

  3. Glass-Steagall.
    I wasn’t that big of a Clinton fan during the 90s, for the reasons you mention…but after watching eight years of Bush, then four years of Redumblican sabotage and obstructionism, lesser of evils is better than plain pure evil.

  4. In contrast, how many total minutes of RNC airtime were taken by anyone from the prior repub president?
    @Oscar and @Michael, I’d question how much of these were concessions given up by Clinton to get other legislation moved through. Clinton met a lot of maliciousness (whitewater, Monica, etc.) ksome deserved, some not. I remember well that the conservatives, at any whiff of Clinton, would loudly proclaim, “He isn’t MY president.” (Interestingly, one occaision was when I was talking to someone in the military. Something about Commander in Chief).

  5. I’m sure Clinton made some concessions as political calculus, and browsing around the interwebs came across this reminder of how toxic the Redumbs were even that far back:
    I was also younger, living in Madison–which allowed me to let my librul flag fly high–and had much less understanding of politics and economics.
    On the other hand…repeal of Glass-Steagall was pretty awful, particularly since Redumblicans, being shameless, use that to deflect criticism of Junior’s ham-fisted economic program (well, when they’re not blaming the recession on the Carter-era Community Reinvestment Act). I didn’t think it was necessary to say in so many words “the era of big government is over,” especially given that it’s not over and will never be over (just my opinion, but nuclear weapons alone will always mean big government…also, to be a little more serious — and as Clinton pointed out last night — Repugs, conservatives, and even Tea Partiers don’t mind government at all when it’s pouring money into their pet projects).
    Again, though, my less-than-enthusiastic attitude towards Bill was probably more me than him. Times change, I got older, I’m living in Loosiana — the deep blue part — and am much more willing to accept even DLC types, because, if nothing else, they aren’t just plain nuts.
    Oh, and to stray slightly off-topic, I think the “correct” answer to the nonsense question of “are we better off today than we were four years ago?” is, “Of course we are. Four years ago Bush was president.” His retirement from office is in itself enough to make things better.

  6. “Oh, and to stray slightly off-topic, I think the “correct” answer to the nonsense question of “are we better off today than we were four years ago?” is, “Of course we are. Four years ago Bush was president.” ”
    But you broke the rules!
    The question they want to ask isn’t “Are you better off than you were four years ago?”, it’s “are you better off than you were four years ago…and no fair mentioning Bush!”

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