The CTU strike spreads:

Teachers in Lake Forest High School District 115 went on strike today after failing to reach an agreement over salaries during negotiations that ended just before midnight.

Assholes are assholes:

“You make three times more than the average citizen in Chicagoland,” a woman yelled. “What is the lesson for all the students today?”

A man joined the picket line but carried a sign telling the teachers to get back to work.

Given that the average citizen includes the dude panhandling on the highway overpass with the sign that says GIVE SOME CHANGE SO I CAN BUY MYSELF A PLASTIC LOVER, possibly that’s not the best argument to make.

I touched on this in Monday’s post, but this concept that you need to be really, truly, deeply poor for me to want you to be less poor is becoming a THING to me. What magical sympathy line do these rich yelly fucksockets seem to think is crossed, after which you’re entitled to ask (quietly, and oh-so-civilly) for a raise or a benefits increase?

Have they seen the way we treat poor people in this country? Do they log onto Facebook and see one asshole cousin after another posting shit about drug testing for “welfare” and offering anecdotes about giving SIXTY WHOLE CENTS to somebody who then went and bought a can of beer with it? Do they realize how our definition of “not poor” now includes having an air conditioner and a microwave? Have they ever sent their kids to school wearing off-brand donated clothing and ill-fitting hand-me-down shoes?

What do they think people would be saying to the teachers if they did indeed make less than the “average” citizen? Probably YOU’RE STILL BETTER PAID THAN THE PLASTIC LOVER OVERPASS GUY SO SHUT UP.


12 thoughts on “Solidarity

  1. I would love to know where they draw the lines for “You’re making too much money, be glad for what you have!” and “You will never have to go without for the rest of your life (and possibly your childrens’ lives)? Please take more!”

  2. Classic race to the bottom…add in the now generations old conservative strategy of stoking hatred and division, and presto: a rapidly shrinking middle-class goes along pell mell with attempts to shrink the middle class even further.
    Sadder still is that I doubt the misery loves company folks even understand. They’ve grown up and lived lives of hate-your-neighbor for so long that it’s really more an article of faith for them than anything else.

  3. I think it was yesterday that Faux News story blammed Obama for giving the teacher’s union the green light – as he hadn’t said anything about the strike.
    Yesterday I posted about a poll that had a question on whether Romney or Obama deserved the credit for taking out OBL. 15% of repubs replied Romney. 47% of Repubs replied not sure. (My weakness here is that the link I posted refers to Mother Jones which has a bias, which links to the poll at Public Policy Polls of Raleaigh. I don’t know about Public Policy Polls.)
    That is to say, DO YOU REALLY WANT THE AVERAGE JOE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE EDUCATION OF YOUR KIDS??? Or to go full-anti here, do you want a teacher that you can get for minimum wage and without benefits?
    I heard enough kooky ideas from some of my teachers. There is a move to force the teaching of Creation as a Science and alter history to a version which mskes John Wayne look unamerican – including painting the Founding Fathers in light of today’s strange doctrine. As Texas has already put several kooky things into the curriculum (by law), and Texas is one of the largest buyers of textbooks, it is a slam dunk that the textbooks your kids get will already be highly slanted to support the Texas view.

  4. The line of
    “You’re making too much money, be glad for what you have!” and “You will never have to go without for the rest of your life (and possibly your childrens’ lives)? Please take more!”
    seems to be drawn between those who only work for a thing versus those who own the thing.

  5. I particularly love that these people don’t want to pay teachers a fair wage. Teachers. You know, the people who have to put up with your little darling all day for five days a week? Do you REALLY want the person in charge of your little darling to be paid a shit wage? Really?

  6. The same people who kvetch and complain about teacher salaries are also the first ones to be up in arms about anything screaming “But what about the CHIIIIILDRUN!” I guess (their) kids are worth more to them as political props than as people.

  7. What did you expect? When the real malefactors (hint: Rahm) are supposedly on your side and out of reach anyway, you lash out at anybody. Not productive, but explainable.


  9. One thing I love about the “You’re making so much more” argument is they are comparing teachers–who have at least a BA–to the general Chicago populace, 68% of which don’t have a BA.
    And while education shouldn’t be the sole arbiter of wages, it does greatly affect them. And those BAs usually come complete with a bunch of student loan debt.
    So they might as well be saying, “How dare those greedy teachers expect to pay off their student loans!”

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