Boardwalk Empire Thread: Coffee and Spaghetti Talk


Nucky Thompson has gone full gangster in Season 3 ofBoardwalk Empire. That means that he’s insulating himself from day-to-day bootleg sales. It’s causing him all sorts of problems with the man on the right above, Gyp Rosetti. You know, the guy who called him a “fucking bread stick in a bow tie.” Gyp is now obliged to buy booze via Arnold Rothstein. Gyp is not amused and he’s one scary motherfucker when he’s not amused.

Okey doke, on to this week’s random and discursive comments on episode 2, Coffee and Spaghetti:

Eli’s Coming (Home) Nucky’s feckless and rather dim brother got out of jail and immediately fell prey to the insulation-no, not pink fiberglass-campaign. He was met by the Jewish gangster with the Irish name, Mickey Doyle, and not his big brother. Eli was not amused. He’s also gone to work for Doyle and his annoying laugh. Eli is a ticking time bomb and his first eruption could involve putting a bullet through Doyle’s derby…

Chalky’s Back and Badder Than Ever: We see Chalky presiding in his roadhouse/speakeasy. He meets the squeaky clean, and terribly boring, med student that wants to to wed his daughter. Chalky, a hustler to his core, green lights the notion, seeing in it a chance for his family to rise. His daughter would rather marry a tough guy like her dear old dad. Conflict ensues.

In the best scene of the season so far, we learn that Dr. Dull is in touch with his inner hard ass. He gets into it with a thug at Chalky’s joint who slashes the Doctor wannabe’s face with a switchblade. After Chalk’s lackey beats the attacker down, Dr. Dull insists on doctoring his assailant. Chalky was impressed. I was too. He may be one ofDuBois’ “talented tenth” but he got game as the kids would say. Not then but now…

Nucky’s new nookie: Our anti-hero has a cute and adorable new show girl. She sort of a cross between Margaret and his former show girl mistress; you know, the one that got knocked up by Agent Van Weirdo. The Nuckster and Margaret seem to be living separate lives after she gave away part of his fortune to the Catholic Church. There are more hints that she and Owen the IRA dude may hook up again. I hope he doesn’t wear his gat to bed…

Gypped: My new favorite character brings an air of menace to everything he does and says. I was afraid that he was going to stick an icepick through the gas station attendant’s head during their brief chat. He did not but he brings that Sonny Corleone vibe to BE and that’s a good thing.

I got a kick out of Gyp’s ordering spag and meatballs at that Anglo diner in North Jersey. Guess it wasn’t too bad since he didn’t spit it out. He did, however, spit out and return Nucky’s booze shipment to Rothstein. Mr. Thompson will rue the day he fucked with the Gypper…

Like some other HBO dramas (Treme andGame of Thrones spring to mind) there’s sometimes too much going on inBoardwalk Empire. There are a few too many characters BUT unlikeTreme there aren’t any I’d flush down the terlet along with the fish from the opening moments of the episode. I wouldn’t say the same about Fake Davis and his unmagical musical misery (for the tourists) tour. A sombrero? Really, dude?

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  1. I LOVE the new season of Boardwalk Empire! I honestly think it’s because there’s so much going on, so there’s never a boring moment that drags on through an episode. I’ve been infatuated with this show ever since one of my co-workers at DISH invited me over to watch the first season. Not only did Steve Buscemi wow me with his portrayal of Nucky Thompson, but also the writing is quick-paced, and the story is addicting. I’m bummed I wasn’t able to record the first two seasons, but now that I have a Hopper with a 2-terabyte hard drive, I will have no problem archiving this and future seasons of Boardwalk Empire. Something big is building up, and I have a feeling the Nucky won’t be the top dog for too much longer!

  2. Re: Treme and ‘El McAlary’…I think (hope) he’s learned that tour-guiding isn’t his bag… He’s a constant machine of ideas-to-get-famous-by and pretty much falls short every time. His heart is in the right place, his thought process/execution of the plans – not so much. Bless.his.heart. He’s not a bad guy, he just is a goof, a music-loving, sometimes painfully annoying goof, but a goof nevertheless. Child of priveleged upbringing, but w/o the nasty, stick-up-his-butt-a-la-Romney ‘stench’.
    (I still adore Steve Zahn, though)

  3. It’sMickey Doyle. Even more Irish and non-Jewish than “Jimmy.”
    I hear tell Mickey (Played by Paul Sparks) gets his–he-he-he–laugh from Joe Dobish (played by Ray Walston) in Billy Wilder’s “The Apartment”.

  4. No more Boardwalk Empire for me. In the first five minutes there’s a terrible bloody beating. And none of the characters are compelling — just disgusting. I liked Nucky at first but he has no redeeming traits any more. I could see it was heading that way at the end of the last season, but I had hopes it might diverge from full-out nasty. Nope. No more.

  5. I think you wrote a great synopsis Adrastos. The Nuckster – haha. That Gyp is definitely up to no good – not that any of them ever are. The show is a welcome distraction for me.

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