Check out my lizard…


This is what I get for assuming you all are broke like me. 🙂

I had planned a tasteful “Sticky Fingers” cover shot, but since it was hard… Uh… difficult to get my lizard to cooperate, we had to go with the handful shot.

In any case, this is Archer, a baby leopard gecko that I fell in love with. Always wanted a gecko for a pet and The Missus finally convinced me to give this a shot. He’s usually decent about “hand time” and he’s a hell of a lot of fun to watch run around. He’ll climb all over you if you let him. I have yet to get salmonella.

Seriously, thank you all for donating to this fun little place we all call home. If I could think of something to do with him next year for this that wouldn’t get me bitten, I’d probably agree to it for the fundraising trick.

Archer don’t do hipster glasses.


3 thoughts on “Check out my lizard…

  1. I love leopards. Especially the way they swing their tail to make their pounce more effective. If you have several, they will move together with tails and body curl in unison – reminding me of the velociraptors cooperatively hunting in one of the Jurassic Park movie

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