Friday Catblogging: Della the bad ass

Della Street is not allowed on the kitchen counter. Does she give a shit? Hell, no.

Della on the counter

3 thoughts on “Friday Catblogging: Della the bad ass

  1. mass says:

    She’s like the Honey Badger, but without the synthetic weed…


  2. pansypoo says:

    this why you don’t do dishes. pack as much clutter on surfaces. the only way to deter cats is to MINE. after breaking enough of my stuff, no kitten will DARE to jump on my dressers. they get 1/2 way + know enough they have to drop to the floor. STRATEGY!!!


  3. MapleStreet says:

    Found a “cause” for Della.
    Tuxedo Stan (the tuxedo comes from being a black-and white cat, not too different from Della), tries to run for mayor of Halifax but unfortunately the law doesn’t allow cats to run.
    There is a precedent in Alaska as Stubs is 15 year mayor of Tulkeenah, Alaska (? sp, this was from video)


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