Quick debate forecast

No matter how well the Prez does tonight the right wing echo chamber will declare a Mittbot victory. The MSM will call anything but a total Rick Perry-like meltdown by Romney a victory. Why? The MSM wants drama and a close election. The reporting on recent polls shows this: the talk has been of tightening instead of the real headline, Obama is at or over 50% in most national and swing state polls. Plus Ohio seems to be slipping away from the GOP. That’s why the estimable Nate Silver has bumped his victory chances up to around 85%.

See you in the Crack Van. I’ll bring some whiskey and wisecracks.

4 thoughts on “Quick debate forecast

  1. Obama needs to accuse Willard of being a “MASTER deBATER”.
    Ann threatened us with Willard “unzipping”, so it’s only fair

  2. I remember very clearly that Mrs. Alan Greenspan, aka Andrea Mitchell, proclaimed John McCain the winner of each 2008 general election debate. Am not sure what debate she was watching…
    In her defense — and this might be the only time I come to Andrea Mitchell’s defense — she at least had the cajones to declare a winner, as wrong as it was. Too many of the Serious People contort themselves crazily in the immediate aftermath, doing their best to sound important without actually saying anything, hoping they don’t, well, pull an Andrea Mitchell and get it wrong…not that getting it wrong seems to ever affect their status.

  3. As much as I hate treating politics like some insane sports analogy:
    Feeding into this, the right wing goes into the debates with rabid trash-talking the opponent.
    OTOH, Obama gets a lot of flack that he goes into the debates with a very gentleman-ly talk of how it will be a hard debate, etc.
    Plus, there are so many things that Obama could throw as jabs against Romney, but it is tricky to do so and not appear peavish (Roll down airline windows, 47%, only 2 years of taxes and those were at around 10% while Romney insists that he has paid plenty of taxes, Bain Capital, etc.)

  4. Just saw a facebook posting for Mitt Romney’s page that is touting a special on their T-shirts (my sister lives in Texas and has takin on the local values there).
    Interesting part is the caption to join America’s Comeback Team. So is Romney admitting that he’s behind?
    And totally OT, when I look at facebook the ad column keeps advertising the movie “Last Resort” with a brief sentence that basically says the world has gone to apocalyptic-type hell. Did I click on a bad page or are they not trying to line up the ads with the user profile?
    In either case, someone casually pulling up their facebook page and seeing this would be hit with a Faux-News level terror and run screaming to the bomb bunker. Much scarier than hearing the War of the Worlds and not realizing it was a sham broadcast.

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