Pulp Fiction Thursday: Forbidden Planet

In case anyone is paying attention, I’ve decided to add movie posters and lobby cards to my PFT arsenal since I’ve been doing this feature so long. I’m also tired of typing the word, detour.

It’s been two days since we did not elect our first robot President, so I decided to post Robby the Robot. Of course, Robby is more lifelike than Willard Mittbot Romney:


16 thoughts on “Pulp Fiction Thursday: Forbidden Planet

  1. I grew up on a steady diet of the Lost in Space robot and Robbie the Robot (who has played so many roles, he has a better CV than a lot of human actors).

  2. I get a little tear in my eye, every time I hear the “Science Fiction/Double Feature” song from Rocky Horror.

  3. Leslie Nielsen!
    Surely you can’t be an alien.
    I am an alien. And Don’t call me Shirley!

  4. Amazing cast from back in the day when all sci-fi films were cult. And the drive-in was the excuse to try one’s luck at the submarine races.

  5. What a great movie! “Creatures from the Id!!!!!!”
    And also, if I’m remembering correctly, the first all-electronic music score for a film.

  6. Forbidden Planet is a really great film, a true science fiction classic. It was a retelling of The Tempest and surprisingly true to Shakespeare. For a film of its era, it has really good special effects – I think Disney was involved – and as noted earlier spacey electronic “tonalities” on the sound track.
    *** SPOILER ALERT ***
    Freud may not be in fashion these days, but the “monsters from the id” thing was a real intrusion into Paradise.

  7. Maple Street –
    Pedantry Alert!
    The name of the Robot from Lost in Space is B9 (say it aloud), and his voice is earily the same as Driftglass’.

  8. Thanks Tengrain! Never knew that. Now I’m gonna have to pull out the box set and find out where that is used. (my curiosity is gonna keep at me till I find it).

  9. @MF and @Tommy, love the comment on the link that it won’t be funny when the IRS shows up and demands to know the numbers for your checking and savings accounts.
    Think they’ll figure out that the SS numbers have long been needed to open up a bank account? And that the regulation got a lot more stringent under the un-Patriot Act under Bush II.

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