Friday Guestferretblogging: Mr. McStuffins

I recently took a job that made it necessary to take a hiatus from volunteering in person at the ferret shelter, and I miss all the adoptable beasties there terribly. Especially this fella, Toby, who’s four pounds easy and is the sweetest, lolling-est, cuddliest furball you ever met, and is thus referred to as Stuffy, Mr. McStuffins, Sir Stuffs-a-Lot, and other nicknames that imply that he is, in fact, a giant teddy bear:


I have a major thing for the striped-headed ones, apparently.


2 thoughts on “Friday Guestferretblogging: Mr. McStuffins

  1. Nice how he is looking up at you, apparently asking for something or looking for approval.
    Out of curiousity, a lot of what I’ve read from you about ferrets makes them sound a lot like cats. How are the other ferrets about inviting the newcomers?

  2. Maple, depends. Generally they will work it out. When we first got Claire, it took Bucky a while to figure out how hard he could rassle with her before she fought back and/or ran and hid. Claire had to toughen up and Bucky had to calm down.
    If it won’t work, you usually know right away: Major bottle-brush tails, shrieking, biting, blood being drawn. I’ve known a few ferrets who just flat-out hated other ferrets, or who wouldn’t tolerate anybody but his/her bonded partner. Most of them, however, will argue for a while and then settle down.

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