14 thoughts on “Caption This: Ryan Gym Rat Edition

  1. He looks the sort of smarmy, sleazy, schmoo that would leave the equipment sweaty and not set back in the right place at the gym. If I saw him while I was walking around, I’d cross the street or turn around to get away from him. He just exudes ‘assholier than thou’…w/an undercurrent of ‘opportunistic rapist’.

  2. Not just anyone can make the cover ofHandout Free Fitness Magazine From Your Local Gym in 1982, y’all.

  3. “Hurry up and … snap the damn picture… I … can’t … hold this … thing up … much longer!”

  4. A guy of that age wearing a baseball cap backward? Good grief. What a hoser.

  5. OK. So he does work out. But his build isn’t that great.
    Wonder how many months he has been lifting?

  6. I see Fox is claiming Biden was drunk during the debate. So, punk, how’d it feel to get your ass kicked by a 69-year-old drunk guy?

  7. Lex, please tell me you’re kidding about Faux!
    I’m not surprised the right attacked Biden on being combative – we all knew that going into the debate plus traditionally the VP debates are where the fur flies while the Prez debates want to appear presidential. Plus I know the reich has a long pattern of treating anything the other side does with distain (hate Obama because he sat there quietly nodding – showing he was listening; hated Biden as when faced with the reich psttern of a long list of strawman arguments, he visually reacted to the stupidity – the biggest example of Biden being what the reich is calling “rude” was when Ryan said they couldn’t give details as they would have to wait till election and work in a bipartisan manner to hash out the details)
    But now to say Biden was drunk? I’ve got to admit that when it comes to character assasination / swiftboating / robocalls asking **IF* McCain had a child with a black woman… The reich has no shame.

  8. Lex is not. Here’s the article:
    In their attempt to turn attention away from the debate, Fox News has decided to create their own conspiracy theory. On a special edition of the Sean Hannity Show, Sean Hanntiy questioned whether the vice-president was drinking bourbon before the debate.
    Hannity: I noticed that you guys were giving away bourbon to people over here.
    Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY): It’s the home of bourbon.
    Hannity: I wonder if Joe had some before the debate.
    Taking to their Twitter accounts, multiple Fox News hosts continued the “Biden is drunk” theme.
    @ericbolling – MrVO is interrupting and laughing.. Is he drinking? #AA
    @greggutfeld – Biden is the drunk at the bar, Martha is the unhappy bartender, and Ryan is the unfortunate salesman caught in the middle.
    Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee furthered the conspiracy during a morning show on Fox News.
    “(Biden) came across like a guy you meet at a cocktail party or some political event, an obnoxious drunk who’s loud and boisterous and interrupts every conversation… He just is the kind of guy you want to get away from as quickly as you can and go find someone else to talk to. It was just boorish behavior for the first half”
    and it’s from here:http://www.examiner.com/article/fox-news-pushes-conspiracy-theory-that-joe-biden-was-drunk-during-the-debate

  9. @MapleStreet: As BlackSheepOne demonstrates, I wasn’t kidding. Leaving aside for the moment the fact that Biden is a teetotaler, this episode just demonstrates how little the right-wing media is able to resist the cheap shot even when, as here, with a second’s thought one can see how that shot can boomerang, as well as the hypocrisy of christianist hucksters like Huckabee.

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